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About Brian DeSpain

PRESIDENT: Brian is the President of Global O-Ring and has the honor of running the company as a 3rd-generation leader in the seal business.

New Executive Team

Dear Friends and Customers, Happy October! Global O-Ring and Seal is entering this fall with some exciting news. We are pleased to announce our new executive team. With the retirement of Bill and Rhonda DeSpain in March, Lauren and I have been working toward our goal of creating a team that would help us usher in the next chapter of Global O-Ring’s story. The last year has been a time of deep reflection on the strong foundation of Global O-Ring […]
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Announcing a Change in Leadership

Dear Customers, Vendors, and Friends of Global O-Ring, We would like to thank all of you for being very instrumental in the success of our family-owned business throughout the last 10 years, since we began this company in February 2008. My wife–Rhonda and I are announcing, effective today that we are both retiring, and our son Brian has become the new President and Co-Owner of Global O-Ring and Seal. We are removing ourselves from the day-to-day details of the business while continuing […]
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Video: How To Find O-Ring Size Charts

Have you spent time searching online for useful o-ring size charts? The best place to find all the o-ring size charts you need is on Just click the resources link in the navigation to access the most comprehensive collection of size charts on the internet.
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Video: O-Ring Sizing Tools

For accurate o-ring sizing, use these tools which can all be purchased on the Global O-Ring and Seal website. Laminated O-Ring Size Chart – An easy to use flip chart showing silhouettes of 239 different sizes of O-Rings. Simply place the o-ring on the chart to match the correct size. O-Ring Sizing Cone – This O-Ring Cone measures 184 of the most popular size O-Rings from ¼” ID to 5-5/8″ ID in five standard cross sections (.070″, .103″, .139″, .210″, […]
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Genuine DuPont™ Viton® spun off to Chemours

Global O-Ring has long been a proud supplier of Genuine DuPont™ Viton® o-rings, o-ring cord, and custom molded rubber products. As you may have noticed, there have been some recent changes to the Viton® program. So what does this mean for current and future users of this material? We’ll cover it all here.
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Save Time and Money with Shaft Repair Sleeves

At a certain point in the life of a crankshaft seal, technicians find the wear so severe that oil leaks are likely to occur even after the installation of a new replacement seal. Until recently, the only way to address the issue was to either re-machine the surface of the crankshaft or replace it entirely. Both of these options are time intensive and come with a hefty cost. However, Global O-Ring offers a superb alternative: the shaft repair sleeve.
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How to Properly Size an O-Ring The First Time Around

Of the four characteristics that define an o-ring (material, durometer, color, and size), determining and properly communicating the exact size needed is often the trickiest part of an order. Applying tried and true methods for determining the correct size will save you time in the short-term and frustration and additional cost down the road. Read on to learn how to properly size an o-ring the first time around.
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Global O-Ring Introduces New Logo

Global O-Ring Introduces New Logo Global O-Ring and Seal has achieved a great deal of success since we opened our doors eight years ago. By providing you with quality, cost effective o-rings, oil seals, and other sealing products, combined with a purchasing experience that seeks to surpass expectations, you responded and helped us grow our business. A BIG “thank you” to all our customers!
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What Are Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings?

Spliced and vulcanized o-rings are made from extruded cord stock that has been cut and bonded together, as opposed to molded o-rings; those that have been compression or injection molded as one piece. Vulcanized o-rings are an excellent choice for static sealing applications when molded o-rings cannot be used due to large or non-standard dimensions, when only a few pieces are needed, or when you need an o-ring right away and cannot wait the standard lead time for molded production.  […]
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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Global O-Ring is proud to announce our recent certification to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. According to ISO’s website, these standards “provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.”
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