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Encapsulated O-Rings: What They Are and Where They’re Used

Encapsulated o-rings are specialty seals designed for use in applications where high temperature and corrosive conditions make the use of traditional elastomer o-rings infeasible. The o-rings are comprised of two parts: a rubber inner core, which provides compression and elasticity, and a thin outer jacket made from Teflon®, which gives the seal high corrosion resistance and thermal stability. They are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, food, and pharmaceutical processes, where seals are required to perform reliably in extremely harsh environments.
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What is An O-Ring?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an o-ring is a round gasket that can contain a circular cross section which is often made of pliable material (rubber, plastic, etc.) that is used to create a tight seal in connections for pipes, valves, tubes, inlets, outlets, and much more. O-rings are one of the most common industry-used seals in machine design. This is because they are easy to make, cost effective, reliable, and are easy to install in many cases. O-rings can […]
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O-Rings for Rapid Gas Decompression‏

What is Rapid Gas Decompression? Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) is also commonly referred to as Explosive Decompression (ED) and is a phenomenon found in many high pressure processes. It occurs when a pressurized gas is released very quickly and can cause the rubber seals inside the piece of equipment to fail. This seal damage is not always visible because small bubbles form on the inside of the rubber seal, which can lead to seal failure. Certain o-ring compounds have been […]
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Surprising Uses for O-Rings

An o-ring is a gasket in the form of a ring or an “o” with a circular cross section that is typically made of pliable material and is used to seal connections and joints in tubes, pipes, etc. The two most common uses for o-rings include hydraulics, or pertaining to a moving liquid operating in a confined space under pressure, and pneumatic, or pertaining to air or gas operating in a confined space under pressure. Basically, any time a fluid […]
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