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Global O-Ring Introduces New Logo

Global O-Ring and Seal has achieved a great deal of success since we opened our doors eight years ago. By providing you with quality, cost effective o-rings, oil seals, and other sealing products, combined with a purchasing experience that seeks to surpass expectations, you responded and helped us grow our business. A BIG “thank you” […]
oil seals

Oil Seals 101 – Part 2

We offer quality sealing and cost-effective oil seal designs that help keep equipment running longer while reducing downtime. Through our comprehensive selection we provide oil seals with short lead times and with a variety of designs for use in many common and more challenging industry applications. When selecting an oil seal, it is important to […]
what is an oil seal

Oil Seals 101 – Part 1

What is an Oil Seal? Oil seals, also referred to as shaft seals, are widely used to prevent the leakage of medium (such as oils and grease) along a rotating shaft. This leak prevention is primarily achieved by the sealing element which can be made from a wide range of materials that are chosen according […]