The Power of Operations Knowledge at Global O-Ring and Seal

Every company has struggled with operations reporting. Common complaints include: “I know the information is in our system, I just can’t get it out easily.” “Different reports provide different versions of the truth.” “Why can’t we easily modify a report to give us all that we need.” Global O-Ring and Seal is a growing company that believes in our unlimited potential for continued growth in the future. It’s no secret that a crucial part of achieving our goals is knowing […]
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Video: How To Find O-Ring Size Charts

Have you spent time searching online for useful o-ring size charts? The best place to find all the o-ring size charts you need is on Just click the resources link in the navigation to access the most comprehensive collection of size charts on the internet.
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Video: O-Ring Sizing Tools

For accurate o-ring sizing, use these tools which can all be purchased on the Global O-Ring and Seal website. Laminated O-Ring Size Chart – An easy to use flip chart showing silhouettes of 239 different sizes of O-Rings. Simply place the o-ring on the chart to match the correct size. O-Ring Sizing Cone – This O-Ring Cone measures 184 of the most popular size O-Rings from ¼” ID to 5-5/8″ ID in five standard cross sections (.070″, .103″, .139″, .210″, […]
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