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MOLYKOTE 55 O-Ring Grease

Sold by the tube or by the case (12 tubes in each case)

This lubricant is a soft silicone-based grease formulated to facilitate installation and extend service life of synthetic rubber seals. MOLYKOTE 55 O-Ring Grease provides a wide service temperature range and resistance against oxidation and corrosion. It is recommended for low pressure pneumatic systems as well as reciprocating and low speed oscillating or rotary applications. Well suited for most sealing services within a -85° to +347°F temperature range.

MOLYKOTE 55 O-Ring Grease SDS

MOLYKOTE 55 O-Ring Grease TDS


Test* Property Unit Result
  Color   Off-white
  NLGI consistency class   approx. 2
ASTM D 217 Worked Penetration mm/10 290
ISO 2811 Density at 20°C (68°F) g/cm^3 0.98
DIN 51 562 Base oil viscosity at 25°C (77°F) mm2/s 100
  Service temperature °C -65 to +175
    °F -85 TO +347
ASTM D 566 Drop point °C 220
    °F 412
ASTM D147880 Low temperature torque test at -65°C (-85°F)    
  Initial break-away torque Nm 325×10-3
  Torque after 20 minutes running time Nm   35×10-3
  Coefficient of friction    
Steel ball against plastic surface (POM) Ø      
ball = 12.7mm, load = 6.3N, v =10 mm/s,      
  24h, ?=   0.03
DIN 51 808 Oxidation resistance, pressure drop 100h,    
  99°C (210°F) bar 0.1
  Corrosion protection    
DIN 51 802 SKF-Emcor method – degree of corrosion   0
FED Std 791 Bleed, 24h at 150°C (302°F) % 3.0
  Evaporation, 24h at 150°C (302°F) % 1.4
ASTM D 1264 Water washout resistance % 4.2

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

ISO: International Strandardization Organization

DIN: Deutsche Industrie Norm

FED: Federal Standard: Testing Method of Lubricants, Liquid Fuels, and Related Products

How To Use

Grease should be applied using brush, grease gun, or automatic lubrication system. MOLYKOTE 55 O-Ring Grease can be used in centralized lubrication systems. Do not mix with other greases.

Shelf Life

When stored at or below 90°F, MOLYKOTE 55 O-Ring Grease has a shelf life of 60 months from date of manufacture. Refer to product packaging for “Use By” date.