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The Global Encapsulated Viton® O-Ring

This O-ring is comprised of a jacket of Teflon®* encapsulating a solid core of Viton® and is also available in a hollow-core design. Encapsulated O-rings outperform traditional elastomeric O-rings in hostile environments through their excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. They surpass the performance of solid Teflon® O-rings because they have both memory and recovery. The Viton® O-ring, in particular, has a low compression set and consists of 66% fluorine content.

Our standard encapsulated O-rings are the most resilient. Depending on core material, they are suitable for operating temperatures from -62° to 204°C (-80° to +400° F). Encapsulated O-rings resist almost all chemicals and retain their mechanical properties even during long hostile exposure. They also have excellent dielectric properties, a low coefficient of friction, flexibility, weather resistance, toughness and negligible moisture absorption.

Solid or Hollow-Core Design

Standard encapsulated O-rings are supplied with either solid Viton® or Silicone energizers. Solid core energizers provide the best resistance to compression set and the best “recovery”. Hollow-Core O-rings provide effective sealing where a more flexible and easier to squeeze O-ring is required. Hollow-Core O-rings reduce the amount of force required to provide an effective seal. This type of seal is especially useful in fragile applications and is available in both Viton® and silicone cores.

NOTE: Hollow-Core Viton® O-rings are not available in cross sections smaller than .140″.

Cure system: Bisphenol-cured

Temperature Range:

Standard Low Temp: -20°C (-4°F)

Standard High Temp: 204°C (400°F)

* Teflon® and Viton® are Registered Trademarks of DuPont Company.