Our History

Since its inception in 2008, Global O-Ring and Seal has emerged as a premier force in the sealing solutions industry, driven by a devotion to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Founded by Bill and Rhonda DeSpain, the company has grown from a modest operation into a leader in the distribution of o-rings and related seals, serving industries worldwide. Each chapter of our history reflects a stage of development and innovation, showcasing our devotion to exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners.

Global O-Ring and Seal was founded by Bill and Rhonda DeSpain on February 11th, 2008, marking the beginning of a new chapter fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to service excellence. The couple, who first met in high school and celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in 2023, brought together their unique strengths to establish a company known for its strong customer relationships and positive work environment.

Building a Legacy

  • After 17 years in the sealing industry at his father-in-law’s company, American Seal, and a brief stint in real estate, Bill was encouraged by industry peers to leverage his extensive experience by starting a new venture in Houston, a city in need of a high-quality sealing distributor. With Rhonda’s support and active partnership, they launched the company.
  • By June 2008, Global O-Ring and Seal set its roots as the anchor of a newly developed business park near Bush International Airport—ideally situated to deliver solutions quickly. From the outset, Bill and Rhonda emphasized a simple yet powerful value proposition: “We strive daily to fulfill our commitment to excellent customer service. We focus on building long-lasting relationships with our customers so we can grow and prosper together.” True to their word, they cultivated a dedicated team and invested in the proper facilities and inventory to meet customer needs effectively.
  • By December 2011, Global O-Ring and Seal had weathered the challenges of a new business and achieved a critical milestone, transitioning from a start-up to a viable enterprise. This success paved the way for the introduction of new products and an expansion into broader geographical markets, setting the stage for continued growth and innovations so their vision could be carried on for generations to come.

As the third generation of his family in the sealing industry, Brian DeSpain’s arrival at Global O-Ring and Seal in April 2012 marked a significant continuation of the family’s legacy. His integration into the company brought a fresh perspective that embraced new technologies, leading to notable improvements in processes and efficiency. Embracing new technology remains deeply ingrained in the company’s operations today.

Brian’s Early Achievements

  • Brian came to Global O-Ring armed with a Business Management degree from Texas A&M University and experience from founding a successful athletic equipment company. During this time, he moved to China to work closely with his manufacturers to ensure the highest quality product. This background gave him unique insight into supply chain management and quality control.
  • Promoted to General Manager in April 2014, Brian was instrumental in modernizing the company’s infrastructure. He oversaw the implementation of a new ERP system and introduced sales and marketing automation as well as business analytics, significantly enhancing operational efficiencies and strategic planning.

Global O-Ring and Seal recognized early on the importance of an online presence and e-commerce in reaching a broader customer base and streamlining operations. The evolution of our digital platform reflects our commitment to customer service and has allowed us to expand our reach and accessibility.

Major Developments in E-Commerce

  • Global O-Ring embarked on its digital journey in 2008 with a modest four-page website: Home, About, Products, and Contact. This initial setup marked our first entrance into the online world, establishing a foundational presence that was pivotal in reaching a wider audience.
  • By 2012, our website had evolved into a comprehensive e-commerce platform, boasting over 10,000 pages of products. This significant growth was a testament to our adaptability and allowed us to provide detailed product information and enhance customer engagement.
  • In 2015, we integrated our ERP system to synchronize data with our website daily, a significant step towards improving how we managed inventory and pricing information. This once-daily synchronization helped ensure that our website displayed more accurate and timely product information, which is vital for maintaining customer trust and operational efficiency.
  • In 2016, we added a range of detailed content pages to our website. This effort was focused on educating our customers and improving our visibility. By providing valuable content such as educational articles, guides, and dedicated product pages, we established ourselves as thought leaders in the industry and enhanced customer empowerment.
  • The 2017 integration of our ERP system through API allowed for real-time data exchange, leading to instantaneous updates on inventory levels and order statuses. The result was a significantly enhanced shopping experience for our customers. This integration was a major stride towards leveraging technology for operational excellence and customer satisfaction, underscoring our commitment to continuous improvement.

As Global O-Ring and Seal continued to expand and evolve, our focus remained on becoming an “All-Around Better” company, providing better service, experience, quality, selection, and value. This commitment was reflected in our initiatives to enhance quality management, update our branding, and invest in advanced facilities—all aimed at delivering exceptional values and service to our customers.

Key Developments Towards Comprehensive Excellence

  • Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality was formally recognized in August 2015 when we received ISO 9001:2008 certification. This prestigious standard is a benchmark and reflection of our ongoing commitment to quality at every level of our operations. The certification provided us with a framework to ensure that our products and services consistently met customer requirements and that our quality management practices were continually improved.
  • In line with our growth and as part of our efforts to enhance our marketing strategies, Global O-Ring introduced a new logo and tagline in July 2016. This update represented an alignment of our brand with our core values and mission, emphasizing our pledge to be an “All-Around Better” company and clearly defining our unique value proposition. This rebranding helped clarify our company’s character and purpose to our customers, partners, and the industry at large.
  • We moved into a larger facility in July 2018 to support our continued growth and better serve our expanding customer base. This new building was bigger and allowed us to invest in more products and warehouse automation technologies, including a Vertical Lift Module (VLM) system. This investment drastically improved our inventory management and order fulfillment processes, increasing our operational efficiency and reducing the risk of injury. The new facility and its advanced technologies were pivotal in our commitment to being “All-Around Better”, enabling us to handle higher volumes and more complex demands with greater precision and efficiency. 

As Global O-Ring and Seal continued to progress and adapt, a shift in leadership marked a new era for the company. This transition brought fresh perspectives to our strategic direction and reaffirmed our dedication to sustained growth and innovation.

Leadership Evolution

  • In March 2018, Bill and Rhonda DeSpain announced their retirement and the promotion of their son, Brian, to President of Global O-Ring and Seal. Brian, who set to complete his MBA from Texas A&M’s Mays Business School in May 2018, was well-prepared to lead the company into the future alongside his wife and new Vice President, Lauren DeSpain. Brian’s ascension to President was a continuation of family leadership and a step forward in growing the company in an ever-evolving industry.
  • With new leadership in place, Brian and Lauren began to build a robust executive team. By October 2018, our team was strengthened by the addition of Lisa Knight as VP of Finance and Accounting, Jeff Korkowski as VP of Sales and Marketing, and Adam Earnhardt as VP of Operations. This group of dynamic leaders was tasked with driving Global O-Ring and Seal towards future successes, ensuring the company remained at the forefront of the sealing industry.

Global O-Ring and Seal has consistently invested in developing and integrating new technologies into our operations as part of our commitment to being “All-Around Better”. These advancements enhanced the efficiency of our processes and improved customer and internal team experiences, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of the sealing industry.

Innovations in Technology and Operations

  • In February 2018, Global O-Ring introduced a quick search filter on our website, significantly improving the user experience by making it easier for customers to quickly find any of the 100,000+ items in our extensive inventory. This tool has proven indispensable in helping users navigate our offerings more efficiently, directly impacting customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • In September 2018, Global O-Ring developed our first internal interactive dashboard, a powerful tool that revolutionized our operational management. This dashboard enabled our teams to efficiently monitor and manage all open orders, significantly enhancing our operational transparency and streamlining our order processing workflows.
  • In August 2019, Global O-Ring launched an industry-first custom configurator tool for vulcanized o-rings. This Vulcanized O-Ring Calculator allows customers to specify the dimensions and materials for their custom o-rings, offering a personalized solution to meet their specific requirements. The configurator has been integral in facilitating am ore interactive and customer-centric shopping experience, which has been highly appreciated by our clients.

As part of our strategic expansion and in our continuous efforts to enhance industry collaboration and influence, Global O-Ring and Seal joined several key distribution groups. These memberships have not only broadened our business network but also reinforced our devotion to industry leadership and excellence.

Expanding Industry Connections and Influence

  • In 2019, we became members of the Independent Distributor Cooperative (IDCO), a partnership that allowed us access to collective bargaining power and a wealth of shared market resources. This affiliation has enabled us to enhance our operational efficiencies and solidify our competitive edge, connecting us with like-minded organizations dedicated to upholding high standards of service and quality.
  • Our membership with Affiliated Distributors (AD) in 2020 marked a significant stride in strengthening our market presence across North America. AD, as one of the largest networks of independent distributors, provided us with critical insights into industry trends that have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the market.
  • Our involvement with the Independent Sealing Distributors (ISD) since 2015 has been pivotal in deepening our industry-specific knowledge and partnerships. With Brian taking on the role of ISD President in 2022, we have further solidified our influence within the industry, leading initiatives that promote innovation and set high standards. This leadership position allowed us to contribute significantly to shaping industry practices and enhancing the overall quality and reliability of sealing products.

As Global O-Ring and Seal pursued its commitment to excellence and technological advancements, Brian embarked on a visionary project to address inefficiencies in traditional ERP systems by founding 10X ERP. This endeavor created a robust ERP solution and significantly enhanced Global O-Ring’s operational capabilities upon its integration.

Pioneering a New ERP Standard

  • Inspired by his personal experiences with the limitations of legacy ERP systems, Brian initiated the ambitious project of building a superior ERP system from the ground up. The inception of 10X ERP  in 2021 was driven by a vision to develop a modern, cloud-based platform tailored to the specific needs of small to medium-sized distribution businesses. This system was designated to deliver real-time inventory management and seamless integration with widely used business applications, setting a new standard in the ERP industry.
  • The launch of 10X ERP and its concurrent integration into Global O-Ring marked a significant transformation in how we managed our operations. In March 2023, Global O-Ring implemented this state-of-the-art system, which facilitated a dramatic improvement in process efficiency and data integrity. The user-friendly interface reduced the complexity and time involved in transactions, allowing for faster and more accurate customer service.
  • The impact of integrating 10X ERP into Global O-Ring’s operations has been profound and multifaceted. The system’s real-time capabilities and intuitive design have enabled significant improvements in inventory accuracy, transaction speed, and overall operational flow. The seamless integration capabilities of 10X ERP with other modern applications have also allowed Global O-Ring to stay ahead in a competitive market.
  • Today, 10X ERP continues to empower businesses to scale efficiently.