Executive Team

Brian DeSpain, President

Brian is the President of Global O-Ring and Seal and a third-generation leader in the seal business. He earned two degrees from Texas A&M: a BBA in 2005 and an MBA in 2018. Before joining Global O-Ring, Brian sharpened his entrepreneurial skills by starting two other ventures and experiencing all the highs and lows of running a business. Brian is a process-oriented leader focused on continually improving customer service and building a world-class team to further our mission of being the All-Around Better seal company.

Lauren DeSpain, Vice President

Lauren has been closely involved with Global O-Ring since 2012 and officially joined in 2018 when she and Brian were taking over. As Vice President, she is primarily responsible for overseeing company culture, including fostering a safe and stable environment for our employees and making Global O-Ring an incredible workplace. Additionally, Lauren provides key insights and leadership into the company’s strategic direction. She leads new challenges that establish a culture of excellence for Global O-Ring as a whole.

Lisa Knight, Vice President
Finance and Accounting

Lisa is a CPA with an MS in Accounting and 25+ years of financial leadership experience in both public and private companies. She is responsible for the accounting department and all aspects of financial reporting. Lisa is committed to leading strategic financial planning to drive growth and enhance overall business efficiency.

Adam Earnhardt, Vice President

Adam is a retired veteran of the United States Army who obtained an MBA and MID from Texas A&M University. He oversees the operational team, including warehouses, purchasing, and inventory. Adam is devoted to leveraging advanced technologies and systems to optimize the operational workflow and increase productivity.

Jeff Korkowski, Vice President
Sales and Marketing

Jeff has 35+ years of experience leading sales, marketing and product management teams of high-tech companies. He leverages his experience, MBA, and BSME to drive growth through strategic planning and team coordination. Jeff is dedicated to fostering strong customer relationships and using data-driven insights to guide decisions.

Sales Team

Reggie Walker
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Roy Hernandez
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Daena Gonzalez
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