Sales Team


Whatever challenge you’re facing, Reggie is here to find the right solution for you.


If you need help with a product or application, Roy embraces the challenge and is eager to work through it with you. Yo Hablo Español.


Josh is dedicated to God, his family, and the love of basketball. Contact Josh for any of your o-ring and seal needs.


Daena is here to brighten your day with a smile while providing you the best customer service.
Yo Hablo Español.


Claudia has numerous years of experience in the sealing industry and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.


Memo has a passion for helping people. His mission is to provide the best customer service for everyone. Yo Hablo Español.

Other Key Personnel

Walter, Warehouse Manager

Walter oversees all inventory inflow and outflow, and provides customers the assurance they need when requesting products on a deadline.

Sean, Operations Associate

Sean applies his creative talents to our operations department. Sean began working here in 2013, left for Louisiana in 2016, and rejoined our team in 2018. We are excited to have him back.

Frazier, Product Data Manager

Frazier works with suppliers and customers to integrate product data for all parties.

Billy, Quality Engineer

Billy helps to plan, direct, and coordinate the company’s Quality Assurance programs. He is also the self-claimed best ping pong player in the office.

Tony, IT Manager

With over 20 years of experience, Tony oversees new systems design, development, and implementation and ensures all things technology are functioning properly and securely.

Robin, Accounting Assistant

Robin welcomes new customers aboard and ensures their accounts are set up properly.

Executive Team

Brian DeSpain, President

Brian is the President of Global O-Ring and Seal and a 3rd-generation leader in the seal business. He has earned two degrees from Texas A&M; a BBA in 2005 and an MBA in 2018. Prior to joining Global O-Ring, Brian sharpened his entrepreneurial skills by starting two other ventures and experiencing all of the highs and lows of running a business. Brian is a process-oriented leader focused on continually improving customer service and building a world-class team to further our mission of being the All-Around Better seal company.

Lauren DeSpain, Vice President

Lauren has been closely involved with Global O-Ring since 2012, but she officially joined the company in 2018 as our founders were transitioning out and she and Brian were taking over. She is a Vice President and her primary responsibilities include overseeing company culture and working hard to make Global O-Ring an incredible place to work and a safe and productive environment for our employees. Lauren also provides key insight and leadership into the strategic direction of the company. She is a thoughtful and caring executive who takes on new challenges each week with a smile and a positive attitude that keeps spirits high and our people engaged.

Lisa Knight, Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Lisa has more than 16 years’ financial leadership experience in both public and private companies, Lisa is responsible for the accounting department and all aspects of financial reporting. But her job is about more than debits and credits – it’s about “wowing” her customers.

Adam Earnhardt, Vice President, Operations

Adam is a retired veteran of the United States Army and a recent graduate from the Professional MBA program at Texas A&M University. Adam oversees the operational team including our warehouses, purchasing, and inventory. His true passions in life are his family, his faith, Aggie football, and ranch-living.

Jeff Korkowski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Jeff has worked for several high-tech companies leading Sales, Marketing and Product Management teams. Driving growth is part of Jeff’s DNA and he believes success is driven through the strategic/coordinated efforts of the sales, marketing, and product teams.