Introduction to Metal Detectable O-Rings

Over time, exposure to extreme temperatures, continuous vibration, and corrosive clean-in-place (CIP) chemicals can cause o-rings in industrial processing operations to degrade and fail. When this occurs, rubber fragments from seals and gaskets can shear off and migrate through sanitary systems to enter the product stream. If an o-ring disintegrates during production, operators must often shut down equipment and conduct visual inspections to locate the contaminant in the system, resulting in unscheduled downtime, lost production, and decreased safety.

Production Line Necessity for Metal Detectable O-Rings

Metal detectable o-rings are crucial to pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, especially when the end product is meant for human consumption. If a metal detectable o-ring disintegrates, it is made to be identified by a metal detector or X-ray before going too far through the production system. Generally, o-ring fragments as small as 2 mm can be identified by detecting equipment. This allows for manual or magnetic removal of fragments, ensuring product safety and compliance with FDA regulations. Without using metal detectable o-rings in production, a piece of rubber can easily go unnoticed. This can cause costly repercussions, especially if a recall is required.

Metal Detectable O-Ring Compounds

Metal detectable o-rings are designed to perform similarly to conventional elastomer o-rings with regards to tolerance for high and low temperatures, mechanical stress, and resistance to corrosive chemicals. We can offer metal detectable o-rings in a variety of materials and colors.

Temp Range (F)
Data Sheet
E75YL12 EPDM 75


-67 to +257 Metal/X-ray detectable, FDA-Grade
N70312 NBR 70


-40 to +212 Metal/X-ray detectable, FDA-Grade
N75GR12 NBR 75


-40 to +212 Metal/X-ray detectable, FDA-Grade
S75612 Silicone 75


-76 to +437 Metal/X-ray detectable, FDA-Grade
V75BL12 FKM 75


-15 to +450 Metal/X-ray detectable, FDA-Grade

Many processing operations today employ Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs, which stipulate that all parts that come into direct contact with product streams must be metal and X-ray detectable. Metal detectable o-rings fulfill this requirement. Global O-Ring and Seal offers a full line of FDA-grade, metal detectable o-rings in AS568 and metric standard sizes. For more information or to request a quote for metal detectable o-rings, give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry Form.

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