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Global O-Ring and Seal offers an extensive range of rotary seals designed to meet various industries’ dynamic demands, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of mechanical equipment. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we offer a variety of seals, including oil seals, fabric-reinforced seals, v-rings, gamma seals, end caps, and shaft repair sleeves. Each product is meticulously crafted to provide reliable sealing solutions in challenging environments.

Principles of Rotary Seal Functionality

Rotary seals play a pivotal role in the functionality and efficiency of modern machinery. These seals are engineered to provide a barrier against fluid leakage and contamination in rotating parts of equipment. The key to their effectiveness lies in their ability to maintain a tight seal under varying operational conditions, including changes in pressure, temperature, and speed.

  1. Sealing Mechanism: The primary function of rotary seals is to contain fluids and protect against contamination. This is achieved through a combination of physical barriers and material properties that conform to the shape and movements of the machine components they seal.
  2. Material Selection: The choice of material for rotary seals is crucial. Factors such as compatibility with the sealed medium, resistance to temperature and pressures, and durability against wear and tear dictate the seal’s performance and lifespan.
  3. Friction and Wear: Understanding and managing friction is essential in rotary seals. Excessive friction can lead to increased wear, heat generation, and ultimately, seal failure. Therefore, selecting the right material and design is critical to balance sealing efficiency and friction levels.


Oil Seals

Oil Seals, known as rotary shaft seals or grease seals, are essential in mechanical systems, especially in rotary shaft applications such as gearboxes and hydraulic cylinders. Global O-Ring and Seal offers a broad range of oil seals crafted from various materials, including Nitrile, Viton®, Silicone, and EPDM, each chosen for its specific resistance properties against temperature, abrasion, and chemicals. Our oil seals are designed with diverse lip and case styles to meet environmental and application requirements and ensure effective containment of lubricants and protection against contaminants. For a detailed exploration of our oil seal offerings, please visit our Oil Seal Product Page.




Fabric Reinforced Seals

Fabric Reinforced Seals, or JM® Clipper Seals, are a robust and versatile solution for applications where metal case oil seals are impractical. These seals are highly valued for their semi-rigid frame and nonmetallic composition, eliminating rust and corrosion concerns and simplifying the installation process. This includes the option for split designs, facilitating easier fitting in various field settings. Available in multiple profiles and materials, our fabric reinforced seals are designed to meet a broad spectrum of industrial requirements, ensuring optimal performance across diverse environments. For more information on our fabric reinforced seals, please visit our Fabric Reinforced Seals Product Page.





V-Rings from Global O-Ring and Seal are specialized rubber seals designed for use on shafts to efficiently block dirt, moisture, and other contaminants while ensuring the retention of lubricants. These rings are uniquely crafted to allow for easy installation and minimal preparation, making them an economical and versatile choice for various applications. V-Rings are particularly effective in both dry environments and high-speed operations, suitable for rotating and oscillating shafts. We offer these seals in VA, VS, and VL styles and in Nitrile and Viton® material options, covering a broad range of sizes. For more detailed information about our V-Ring selections, please visit our V-Rings Product Page.




Gamma Seals

Gamma Seals are crucial in power transmission systems and hydraulic applications. These seals feature an outer metal case with an 80 durometer Nitrile sealing lip, expertly designed for both dynamic and static operations. Similar in function to v-rings, gamma seals excel by offering the additional benefit of a metal casing, enhancing protection against contaminants. They are available in RB and 9RB styles. Recognized for their reduced resistance in rotary motion, ease of installation, and effective deflection of external media, gamma seals are a reliable choice for diverse industrial applications. For further details about our gamma seal offering, please visit our Gamma Seal Product Page.




End Caps

Global O-Ring and Seal provides a comprehensive range of corrosion-resistant end caps, also known as plugs, suitable for applications where the rotary shaft does not pass through the housing wall of the bore. These end caps serve to protect bearings from external elements by sealing the unused bore of the housing. Each end cap is constructed from metal and coated with nitrile rubber, offering durability and resistance to various environmental factors. End caps are commonly used in a variety of industries to prevent the entrance of contaminants and preserve the integrity of enclosed components. For more detailed information about our end caps, please visit our End Caps Product Page.




Shaft Repair Sleeves

Global O-Ring and Seal offers an efficient solution for repairing worn or damaged shafts with our shaft repair sleeves (SRS). These precision-engineered sleeves are an ultra-thin, cost-effective alternative to the time-intensive and expensive process of re-matching or replacing shafts. Made from durable stainless steel with a thickness of only .011 inches, they provide excellent resistance to corrosion. Ideal for addressing wear grooves on shafts caused by continuous rotation and oscillation, these sleeves are easy to install and can be fitted in minutes. Our shaft repair sleeves are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. For more information, please visit our Shaft Repair Sleeves Product Page.




Your Trusted Partner for Rotary Sealing Solutions

As you navigate the complex world of rotary seals, Global O-Ring stands ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your specific needs. Our expertise in selling technology, coupled with a wide variety of high-quality products, positions us to be your go-to source for all sealing requirements. Whether you need standard parts or custom-engineered solutions, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support. For more information, detailed specifications, or to discuss custom requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us at 832-448-5550, submit the product inquiry form on this page, or explore our comprehensive product pages for more details.

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