Expert Solutions in Hydraulic Sealing

Hydraulic seals are vital components in a diverse range of machinery and equipment, playing a crucial role in hydraulic systems. Their primary function is to contain fluid within these systems and prevent leakage. This containment is essential for maintaining the efficiency and performance of the system. Designed to withstand high pressure, extreme temperatures, and corrosive environments, hydraulic seals are indispensable in sectors such as industrial, automotive, and aerospace.


High-Grade Materials for Diverse Applications

At Global O-Ring and Seal, our hydraulic seals are crafted from a variety of high-grade materials, each selected for its unique properties and suitability for different applications. Our range includes:

  1. Nitrile (Buna, NBR): Known for its excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, Nitrile is a versatile material suitable for a wide range of temperatures and applications.
  2. Urethane (URE): Renowned for its exceptional durability and high wear resistance, Urethane is ideal for hydraulic applications involving high pressure and abrasive conditions.
  3. Viton® (FKM): Distinguished by its high resistance to temperature and chemicals, Viton® is suitable for applications involving exposure to aggressive fluids and high temperatures.
  4. Carboxylated Nitrile (XNBR): Offering enhanced abrasion resistance and tensile strength compared to standard Nitrile, XNBR is perfect for demanding hydraulic applications where durability is key.

Each material is chosen for its ability to offer high temperature and chemical resistance, superior durability, and flexibility, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of fluid types and operational conditions.

Selecting the Right Seal

The effectiveness of a hydraulic system significantly depends on choosing the right seal for the specific conditions. Factors such as fluid type, temperature, pressure, and the dynamic or static nature of the application play a crucial role in seal selection. Our team at Global O-Ring and Seal is dedicated to assisting customers in finding the ideal hydraulic seal for their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of their equipment.


U-Cup Seals

Global O-Ring and Seal offers a versatile range of u-cup seals designed for superior sealing performance in diverse applications. Our collection includes loaded u-cups, ideal for high-pressure dynamic systems, and standard u-cups that provide reliable sealing in both static and dynamic scenarios. The unique U-shaped profile of these seals ensures a robust barrier against leaks, adapting effectively to varying pressures and temperatures. Available in polyurethane and nitrile materials, we feature five distinct profiles – S, SB, D, DB, and DSU – each tailored for particular requirements. For detailed specifications and to find the perfect u-cup seal for your application, visit our U-Cup Seal Product Page.




Global O-Ring and Seal’s t-seals are advanced sealing solutions specifically designed for high-pressure industrial contexts. Their unique T-shaped cross-section offers improved sealing pressure profiles and stability, making them exceptionally effective in systems with high-pressure variances. These seals combine an elastomer body with hard plastic backup rings, ensuring resistance to gap extrusion and deformation under extreme pressure differentials. Available in styles used for rods and pistons, t-seals are compatible with standard o-ring grooves facilitating an an easy upgrade from conventional sealing solutions. To learn more about how our t-seals can elevate your operations, visit our T-Seals Product Page.



Wiper Seals

Global O-Ring and Seal’s wiper seals are engineered to provide exceptional contamination exclusion in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Designed to remove debris and prevent the entry of contaminants like dirt and moisture, these seals are essential for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of machinery. Our wiper seals are available in materials such as Urethane, Nitrile, Viton®, and XNBR. Featuring a range of profiles like AN, ST, MCN, and MCU, our wiper seals cater to a broad spectrum of industrial needs. A key feature available is the slotted heel, designed to prevent pressure traps in hydraulic systems. For more information on our wiper seal offerings, visit our Wiper Seal Product Page.




D-Rings from Global O-Ring and Seal are recognized for their strength, versatility, and reliability across various industries. Shaped like the letter “D” with a flat inside and rounded outside, these rights offer a secure attachment point and numerous functional benefits. Their unique design make them exceptionally resistant to wear, tear, abrasion, and harsh environmental conditions. D-Rings are particularly suitable for dynamic or rotary applications, where traditional o-rings may falter, thanks to their improved stability and resistance to twisting and stress. For detailed information about our d-rings, please visit our D-Ring Product Page.



Your Partner in Sealing Excellence

At Global O-Ring and Seal, we take pride in being your partner in sealing solutions. With our extensive range of high-quality hydraulic seals, we are committed to providing products that exceed industry standards. Our expertise in hydraulic sealing technology ensures that each product we offer is designed with precision, durability, and performance in mind.

For further information, assistance in selection, or to discuss custom requirements, feel free to call us at 832-400-9065 or submit your request in the Product Inquiry Form on this page. Our sales team will get back to you within one business day.

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