Bonded Seals Overview

The Bonded Seal was originally designed to replace copper type washers in high-pressure systems. Often used as bolt seals in hydraulic equipment, today bonded seals (commonly known as Dowty Seals) are finding usage in many and varied applications throughout various industries.

The Bonded Seal comprises a metal washer and an elastomeric ring bonded inside the diameter. The metal washer prevents over-compression and limits deformation of the elastomeric ring.

All size ranges and material combinations are available. This same basic concept can be used to produce customized shapes for specific applications in any of the combinations of rubber to metal or plastic bonding.

Bonded Seals are available with or without the self-centralizing lip.

Bonded Seal Advantages:

  • Reliable low and high pressure sealing
  • High and low temperature capabilities
  • Bolt torque is reduced with no loss of tightening load

Bonded Seal Materials:

Elastomer component is available in:

  • NBR 70 (Standard)
  • NBR 90
  • FKM (Viton®) 75
  • EPDM 70

Washer component is carbon steel, zinc/yellow zinc plated or stainless steel (on request). Submit our form to request a quote or more information on Bonded Seals.

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