T-Seal Overview

T-Seals are sophisticated sealing solutions developed to meet and exceed the performance of standard o-rings in a variety of industrial contexts. Characterized by their T-shaped cross-section, these seals are engineered to provide enhanced sealing pressure profiles and improved stability, which make them particularly effective in high-pressure systems.

Constructed with a nitrile elastomer body and reinforced with hard plastic backup rings, t-seals are designed to resist gap extrusion and deformation under extreme pressure differential. This technical construction allows them to maintain seal integrity across a broad range of operating conditions, including varying temperatures and fluid types.

Their compatibility with standard o-ring grooves simplifies the transition to t-seals from traditional sealing solutions, enabling a straightforward upgrade path for improved performance without the need for equipment modification. Additionally, the backup rings are instrumental in preventing seal roll and spiraling dynamic applications, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

T-Seals are suited for both reciprocating and rotary motion equipment, with specific styles tailored for rod or piston applications. They serve critical functions in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, aerospace components, automotive systems, and heavy machinery, offering low friction, minimal wear, and long-term resilience.

T-Seal Part Numbering System

The t-seal part number system is designed to describe the seal profile, size, and potential specialized base size. The example below outlines a TP-style seal, size 439, with a wide base. Wide and intermediate base t-seals are designed to fit MIL-5514F o-ring glands only. Intermediate base t-seals are interchangeable with 1 o-ring / 1 backup ring grooves and wide base t-seals are interchangeable with 1 o-ring / 2 back-up ring grooves.

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T-Seal Profiles

TR style t-seals are engineered for rod sealing applications, with a T-shaped nitrile elastomer and two hard plastic backup rings. This design ensures reliable performance under high-pressure conditions and fits standard o-ring grooves with an inward orientation, making it suitable for dynamic rod environments where extrusion resistance is critical.


TP style t-seals features a T-shaped nitrile ring and plastic backup rings on either side. This seal is created to integrate with standard o-ring grooves, facing outward to accommodate bi-directional pressure in piston movements. Its structure allows for uniform seal compression and expansion, providing a dependable seal across various operating conditions.


TP-L style t-seals are specialized piston seals designed for bi-directional pressure applications. It includes a T-shaped nitrile ring with locking anti-extrusion rings that ensure the seal remains in place during installation and operation. This seal is made to retrofit existing o-ring and t-seal grooves, offering an enhanced sealing solution with zero drift and consistent performance.

Seal Information


Seal Information
Material (Seal)


Material (Backup Ring)

Hard Plastic
Temperature Range

-35° to +220° F

Pressure Range

0 – 5,000 PSI


T-Seal Size Chart

In the table below, you will find the most common Imperial sizes for t-seals.

TR Sizes

Size AS568 ID OD HT CS ID (IN) OD (IN) HT (IN) CS (IN) ID (MM) OD (MM) HT (MM) CS (MM)

TP Sizes

Size AS568 ID OD HT CS ID (IN) OD (IN) HT (IN) CS (IN) ID (MM) OD (MM) HT (MM) CS (MM)

TP-L Sizes

Size AS568 ID OD HT CS ID (IN) OD (IN) HT (IN) CS (IN) ID (MM) OD (MM) HT (MM) CS (MM)