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V-Rings Overview

A V-Ring is a solid rubber seal used on shafts to prevent dirt, moisture, and other unwanted material from entering an oil seal, housing, or any other desired area while simultaneously keeping lubricants in. It works by stretching over the shaft to create a tight seal along the shaft while the flexible lip seals lightly against the counterface at a right angle to the shaft.

The V-ring works well on its own and excels when combined with rotary shaft seals and helps extend the life of bearings, oil seals, and shafts.


  • Simple – Little prep required when installing. Simply ensure the shaft is clean and try, apply a film of lubricant to the v-ring lip, and slide the v-ring down until the flexible lip contacts the counterface. The lip presses against counterface with little pressure and friction
  • Economical – Wide tolerances allow one v-ring to fit multiple shaft sizes and to account for substantial shaft misalignment and eccentricity in the shaft. Its durability ensures a long work life and that it won’t be damaged during installation
  • Versatile – Performs well in dry applications, on rotating shafts and oscillating shafts, and at high speeds over 3000 FPM.


We offer V-rings in 3 styles (VA, VS, and VL) and in two materials; NBR (black) and Viton® (brown).

  • VA: The most common style. Available in wide range of sizes from 2.5MM ID to 1810MM ID. They have a short mounting length and are commonly used in gearboxes, electric motors, and drives
  • VS: Available from 4MM ID to 180 MM ID and typically found in agricultural and automotive environments
  • VL: Available from 99MM ID to 540MM ID. They have a short mounting length and are designed for use when the sealing house is limited or as part of a labyrinth sealing application.

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