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Creating an ALL-AROUND BETTER experience

In July of 2018, we moved into a larger facility to support our business growth. As part of that move, we made the strategic decision to invest in all of our warehousing technologies. we know that investing into the business to ensure we can deliver products faster and more efficiently will allow us to serve our customers better.

Inventory Management

The most significant investment in our warehousing capabilities is a state-of-art Vertical Lift Module (VLM) system. Our new VLM system automates storage and retrieval of inventory parts. We have not only increased our order picking capacity of orders pick per day, we have improved the efficiency to picking orders while reducing risk of injury.


Vulcanized O-Ring Automation

The other significant investment is in our Vulcanization capabilities. We have earned a reputation for producing high quality vulcanized o-rings and out investments in capacity and automation will allow us to maintain the highest levels of quality as we continue to grow. We believe this investment will allow us to achieve the following:

Vertical Lift Module Storage System


Automated Splicing and Cutting Technology