Creating an ALL-AROUND BETTER Experience

In July 2018, we moved into a larger facility to accommodate the growth of our business. With our big move came an even bigger decision to expand the capability of our warehousing technologies. The expectations of our customers are that we will have the product in inventory and ship it out the same day it is ordered. Currently, 80% of orders placed by 4 p.m. are shipped that same day. With our new equipment, we are setting our sights even higher. Speed often can lead to errors, but we have consistently maintained an error rate below 1%. This ensures we can deliver products quickly, efficiently, and will allow us to continue serving our customers better.

Inventory Management

Vertical Lift ModuleThe most significant investment in our warehousing capabilities is a state-of-the-art Vertical Lift Module (VLM) system. Our VLM system automates the storage and retrieval of inventory parts and represents the pinnacle of supply chain efficiency.

80% of our highest in-demand products are readily available to pick from the VLM, so we can accommodate your needs instantly.  Whether we’re shipping out a same-day order or you’re at Will Call getting parts for your company down the road, our Operations team has the ability to pick and fill orders immediately.

Supply levels within the VLM are evaluated daily. If a product falls below a volume threshold, it becomes part of an automatic replenishing queue where we refill using our warehouse stock. If warehouse stock falls below a volume threshold, backfill orders are placed with our vendors. These procedures are set in place to consistently satisfy high demand.

The video below shows the VLM in action. Over 10,000 item SKUs are contained within the VLM alone. Items are compartmentalized vertically and retrieved on-demand, with internal bay lights pointing at the desired product. This frees up warehouse floor space and vastly improves our operational efficiency.

Advanced Vulcanized O-Ring Automation

We have earned and established a reputation for producing high-quality vulcanized o-rings.

Our vulcanizing workshop has the capability of producing 1,000 o-rings a day. Specific cord lengths are measured and cut precisely. We apply a liquid form of the uncured material to the ends and join them together in a heated mold. The heat and pressure cause the liquid material to cure and form a chemical bond between the ends with cross-links between the long-chain molecules. We inspect 100% of the vulcanized rings we produce before they leave our shop to make sure the material is free from defect and the joint is clean and strong. Our continuous investments in capacity and automation will allow us to maintain the highest levels of quality as we persevere in our growth.