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Our Commitment

From the front offices to the warehouse floor, we will go the extra mile for you!

Every day we strive to be an All-Around Better provider of o-rings, oil seals, and related sealing products. Excellent customer service isn’t just something we do, it’s a part of our culture. We’re proud to say we will always go the extra mile for you as part of that commitment!


  • Global O-Ring CommitmentWe are totally committed to repeatable quality and accuracy in each and every order.
  • We will always provide knowledgeable sales people that are empowered to act quickly on behalf of you.
  • We will always maintain low order minimums.
  • We will always ship to meet your schedule.
  • YOU choose the sales person you wish to interact with.
  • We will continually invest in our people, processes and technology that improve our customers’ purchasing experience.
  • We will always work to exceed customer expectations on price, purchasing experience and delivery.
  • We will always work to understand your application and provide the best possible solution; not just complete a sale.
  • We will always practice HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND HELPFULNESS in all of our communications, decisions, and actions!