UL-Listed O-Rings Overview

UL-Listed products undergo safety testing from the independent entity known as Underwriters Laboratories. Specifically, UL 157-Listed products are elastomers, such as o-rings, tested to the Safety Standard for Gaskets and Seals. O-Rings are tested for their safety and endurance through multiple conditions. Passing certain criteria designates the end-use environment for which the o-ring is appropriate (see below: UL 157 End-Use Application Codes).


UL 157 O-Ring Compounds

Below is a directory of o-ring compounds we offer and the UL 157 testing criteria they meet.

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UL 157 End-Use Application Codes

A: Extinguishing agents

B: Gasoline

C: Gasoline/Alcohol blends up to 15% alcohol

D: Naptha or kerosene

E: MPS gas

F: Manufactured or natural gas

G: Diesel fuel, fuel oil, or lubricating oil

H: Heated fuel oil


I: Anhydrous ammonia

J: Liquefied petroleum gas

K: Dry-cleaning agents

L: Laundry detergents

M: Dishwashing detergents

N: Atmospheric ozone

O: Generated ozone

R: Refrigerants