High-Visibility O-Rings for Higher Efficiency

Downhole setting tools are used repeatedly in well completion operations. Every time downhole tools are pulled to the surface, they are cleaned and redressed with a new set of o-rings. This ensures these tools will operate properly in their next use. If the tool fails to completely set the plug, the partially-set plug and the setting tool will need to be retrieved from the hole. This impedes progress on well completion operations and causes significant retrieval costs. If all the o-rings are not replaced, this can cause failure due to improper sealing.

The dilemma for operations supervisors is determining if all the o-rings have been properly replaced. Since standard NBR and Viton® o-rings are black, noticing signs of wear is not easy. This has led to the introduction of High-Visibility Green (NBR) and High-Visibility Yellow (Viton®) o-rings for downhole applications. These high-visibility o-rings show wear from a distance, making it easy to confirm that new o-rings have been installed. The opportunity in failing to replace all the o-rings or using the wrong material compound is all but eliminated.


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Not All High-Visibility O-Rings are Made the Same

At Global O-Ring and Seal, we make high-visibility o-rings by applying a Teflon® coating (carrying the high-visibility color) to the o-ring (the black elastomer base). This Teflon® coating has no negative impact on the physical or chemical properties of the o-ring. Our NBR 90 durometer o-rings come in High-Visibility Green and our Genuine Viton® 90 durometer o-rings come in High-Visibility Yellow. However, virtually any color o-ring can be ordered per your specific requirement.

The other method to achieve the vibrant color is by changing the composition of the compound. This, however, can compromise critical performance characteristics of the o-ring, the most important being the compression set (how effectively the o-ring returns to its original shape after being compressed over time and temperature). To confirm this, we had an independent lab perform extensive testing on modifying the o-ring compound composition to achieve the vibrant color. The lab found that altering the composition adversely impacted the o-ring compression set.

When making your selection, rest assured that Global O-Ring and Seal’s high-visibility o-rings maintain critical sealing function while ensuring your setting tool has been properly redressed. For more information or to request a quote on high-visibility o-rings, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry Form.