USP Class VI O-Rings for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

As medical procedures and treatments continue to advance, so does the demand for the highest quality medical-grade o-rings to fit a variety of medical equipment and applications. O-Rings and seals in medical devices are now exposed to a wider range of chemical and temperature environments than ever before.

Global O-Ring and Seal is a full-line distributor of o-rings made to meet strict requirements for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This includes o-rings produced in cleanroom environments. Seals for medical equipment are essential in supporting the manufacturing and maintenance of medical devices and life-saving drugs. This includes o-rings used in ventilators, CPAP machines, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Common O-Ring Compounds Used in Medical Applications

We supply the following o-rings most commonly used in the Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry. Below, o-rings we supply in USP Class VI material:

When dealing with critical medical applications, you can look no further than Global O-Ring and Seal for your o-rings and related sealing solutions.

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