Standard & Custom O-Ring Kits


Standard & Custom O-Ring Kits

O-ring kits are the ideal solution for maintenance applications and eliminating the guesswork in part selection. Global O-Ring and Seal stocks a wide variety of o-ring kits in various materials, styles, and sizes to address your specific needs.

Kits can be assembled with any combination of standard and metric o-rings, square rings, x-rings, backup rings, and more. Additionally, kits can be custom labeled, as well as have an accompanying shadow chart designed to match o-ring sizes exactly.

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O-Ring Kit Varieties & Compounds

There are hundreds of kit varieties in regard to size, material, and durometer. Listed below, is a small sample of kit variations and compounds we commonly provide, however, kits can be customized precisely to your liking.

O-Ring Kit Kit Image Kit Description Kit Compounds
Standard Kit 30 Sizes | 382 Pieces

N70 | N90| N90PC | BV75 | E70 |

F70 | A80 | HSN70 | HSN90 | C70 |

 MN70 | MN90 | MV75 | MV90 | JMN70 |

JMN90| JMV75 | JMV90 | QN70

K-Boss Kit O-Ring Kit with Shadow Chart 11 Sizes | 250 Pieces N70 | N90 | V75 | V90 | BV75 |
K-Flange Kit 7 Sizes | 70 Pieces N90
K-Face Kit 8 Sizes | 200 Pieces N70 | N90 | V90
Warehouse Kit 150 Sizes | 1,100 Pieces N70 | N90| V90| BV75 | E70 |


Standard Splicing Kit 5 Pieces | 7 Feet Each

N70 | N90 | V75 | V90 |BV75 |

E70 | A75 | C70

Metric Splicing Kit 9 Pieces | 1 Meter Each MN70 | MV75 | MV90 | ME70

To find out more about standard and custom o-ring kits, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry form with your request.