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Metric O-Rings in Various Sizes and Compounds

Global O-Ring and Seal offers a large selection of Metric O-Ring sizes in various compounds. A “Metric O-Ring” simply means that the size of the o-ring is defined in millimeters. Generally, metrics are used when the size needed does not cross over to one of the standard AS568 sizes.

While we can supply any material/durometer/color of metric size o-rings, we carry an extensive selection of metric size o-rings in black Nitrile (Buna-N) 70 durometer and Viton (FKM) 75 durometer.

Metric O-Ring Size Standards:

There are several international standards for metric size o-rings. For a complete listing of all international o-ring standards, as well as size charts and a cross reference table, visit our International O-ring Size Standards page.

Metric O-Ring Part # System:

metric o-ring part number

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