Save Time and Save Money

Global O-Ring and Seal has focused on being a partner to our customers by offering value-added services.

Custom Kit Assembly

Save time and money receiving product in ready to sell packaging

Blind Drop Shipments

As your business partner, we can supplement your on-hand inventory through blind drop shipments

Private Labeling (including bar codes)

Private package labeling is an effective way to maintain brand awareness with your customers.

Color coding of parts

Custom color coding of parts eliminate errors when picking products from inventory

OEM Aftermarket – Your Success is our Success

Global O-Ring has been a trusted partner in supplying superior quality replacement parts quickly and economically for our OEM partners. And we do it regardless of the order size or schedule.

Leveraging Global O-Ring’s inventory and operations teams drive down your costs, freeing up time to focus on your core business, while still delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Let us help you by becoming an integral partner in your overall value proposition in supporting your customers MRO requirements.

Call your Inside Sales Representative for assistance – 832-448-5550