Save Time and Money with Value-Added Services

As a trusted source in supplying superior quality replacement parts quickly and economically for our partners, Global O-Ring and Seal is proud to offer value-added services to customers. Leveraging Global O-Ring and Seal’s inventory and Operations team can substantially drive down your costs, freeing up time to focus on your core business, while still delivering exceptional service to your customers. Here are a few ways we offer to help elevate your service and overall value proposition.

Custom Kit Assembly

Save time and money by receiving the parts you want, in ready-to-sell packaging. To see more options on standard and custom o-ring kit options, click here.

Private Labeling (Includes Bar Codes & QR Codes)

Private package labeling is an effective way to maintain brand awareness with your customers. Labeling can also include personalized bar codes for inventory management and QR codes to simplify re-ordering for your customers.

Color-Coded O-Rings

Custom color-coding of parts helps eliminate errors when picking products from inventory. O-Rings can be dotted or come in full color for easy picking. To see o-ring color variations we offer, click here.

Blind Drop Shipping

As your business partner, we can supplement your on-hand inventory through blind drop shipments. We can match your labeling and packaging style so your customers see deliveries as if they came from you! To learn more about blind drop shipments, click here.


We’re Ready to Partner with You

To learn more about or to get started with any of these services, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry Form.



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