X-Rings (Quad Rings) Description

x-oringsX-Rings (also known as Quad Rings) have a sealing function doubling that of an o-ring, and can be used in a numerous static and dynamic sealing applications.

Compared to a standard o-ring, the four-lobed Quad Ring profile maintains twice the sealing surface. The double-seal action requires less squeeze to maintain an effective seal function. With a reduction in squeeze, this yields lower friction and prolonged seal life.

To prevent leakage, which typically results from a parting line’s irregular surface on an o-ring, the parting lines on an X-Ring are between the lobes, and away from the sealing surface.

X-Rings are also made to surpass the performance of a standard o-ring in rotary seal applications. The four-lobed design produces a more secure seal to counteract spiral twisting. This allows the use of a narrower groove width than a standard o-ring groove, but can also be used in a standard o-ring groove.

The Quad Ring Cross-Section and ID are measured just like o-rings. Please refer to our sizing charts for dimensions. Global O-Ring and Seal offers X-Rings in standard AS568 sizes, as well as metric sizes. Our part naming convention in the online store is a “Q” preceding the material, durometer, and size. For example, part number QN70230 is a Quad Ring made with Nitrile material at 70 durometer in the 230 AS568 size.

Advantages of X-Rings vs. O-Rings

  • Prevents contorting in the groove. The seal is not apt to roll in the groove with corresponding movement.
  • Low friction. It requires less radial squeeze compared to a standard o-ring.
  • Less wear due to low friction, thus providing a longer service life.
  • Excellent sealing efficiency with its special profile.
  • Improved startup with the lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips.

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