Liquid Silicone parts and O-rings

Liquid Silicone Rubber—Versatility and Variety of Applications

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) has become very popular for various applications in different industries because it is a versatile elastomer that performs well under demanding operating conditions. LSR technology has grown dramatically over the last decade thanks to its lower-cost customization options for manufacturing. Components made of SLR are injection molded in a Class 1000 […]
Viton® (FKM) O-Rings from Global O-Ring and Seal

Viton® (FKM) O-Rings—How to Make an Informed Decision

Viton® o-rings are also referred to as FKM  o-rings since they are made of fluorocarbon elastomers. FKM is short for Fluro-Elastomer and is a copolymer made of highly fluorinated hydrocarbons. However, not all FKMs are genuine Viton® o-rings. This post will walk you through a series of questions, and the answers will help you make […]
What is Vulcanization and Vulcanized Rubber

What is Vulcanization and Vulcanized Rubber?

Vulcanized rubber is much stronger than traditional rubber. It can withstand greater pressure and stress and is much more elastic, which is why many manufacturers prefer using vulcanized rubber in their businesses. Vulcanized rubber’s increased strength and elasticity allow it to be stretched to a much greater degree without warping or becoming deformed. Vulcanization also […]

HNBR Supply Chain Tightening

Global availability of HNBR, and subsequently HNBR o-rings, has been greatly challenged throughout 2021 due to the closure of a major production facility, which stopped production in the wake of a natural disaster. This, coupled with significant demand growth, is further tightening the market for this synthetic rubber. The global market for HNBR is primarily […]

EMI O-Rings for Industrial Automation

Globally, the market for industrial automation is seeing double digit annual growth rates. With business operations increasing its reliance on robotics, EMI (electromagnetic interference) is a growing problem on today’s factory floors. Arc welders, live wires, generators, and just about any device or machine generating radio frequency (RF) signals emit this electronic noise. This noise […]