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New Executive Team

Dear Friends and Customers, Happy October! Global O-Ring and Seal is entering this fall with some exciting news. We are pleased to announce our new executive team. With the retirement of Bill and Rhonda DeSpain in March, Lauren and I have been working toward our goal of creating a team that would help us usher in the next chapter of [...]

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ISO 9001 Evolution

At Global O-Ring and Seal, we strive daily to exceed our customers expectations and we know the only way to do so is to fully understand their needs, translate those needs into a vision of desired outcomes and build a business operating system to execute that vision. We are certified to and meet all requirements of ISO 9001:2015. But a [...]

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The Power of Operations Knowledge at Global O-Ring and Seal

Every company has struggled with operations reporting. Common complaints include: "I know the information is in our system, I just can't get it out easily." "Different reports provide different versions of the truth." "Why can’t we easily modify a report to give us all that we need." Global O-Ring and Seal is a growing company that believes in our unlimited [...]

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Announcing a Change in Leadership

Dear Customers, Vendors, and Friends of Global O-Ring, We would like to thank all of you for being very instrumental in the success of our family-owned business throughout the last 10 years, since we began this company in February 2008. My wife--Rhonda and I are announcing, effective today that we are both retiring, and our son Brian has become the new [...]

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Video: How To Find O-Ring Size Charts

Have you spent time searching online for useful o-ring size charts? The best place to find all the o-ring size charts you need is on GlobalORing.com. Just click the resources link in the navigation to access the most comprehensive collection of size charts on the internet. […]

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Encapsulated O-Rings: What They Are and Where They’re Used

Encapsulated o-rings are specialty seals designed for use in applications where high temperature and corrosive conditions make the use of traditional elastomer o-rings infeasible. The o-rings are comprised of two parts: a rubber inner core, which provides compression and elasticity, and a thin outer jacket made from Teflon®, which gives the seal high corrosion resistance and thermal stability. They are [...]

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