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ISO 9001 Evolution

At Global O-Ring and Seal, we strive daily to exceed our customers expectations and we know the only way to do so is to fully understand their needs, translate those needs into a vision of desired outcomes and build a business operating system to execute that vision. We are certified to and meet all requirements of ISO 9001:2015. But a [...]

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The Power of Operations Knowledge at Global O-Ring and Seal

  Every company has struggled with operations reporting. Common complaints include: "I know the information is in our system, I just can't get it out easily." "Different reports provide different versions of the truth." "Why can’t we easily modify a report to give us all that we need." Global O-Ring and Seal is a growing company that believes in our [...]

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Announcing a Change in Leadership

Dear Customers, Vendors, and Friends of Global O-Ring, We would like to thank all of you for being very instrumental in the success of our family-owned business throughout the last 10 years, since we began this company in February 2008. My wife--Rhonda and I are announcing, effective today that we are both retiring, and our son Brian has become the new [...]

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Video: How To Use Our O-Ring Quick Search Tool

How can you quickly locate the correct o-ring? Use the new Global O-Ring and Seal quick search tool. Global O-Ring And Seal, a leader in the o-ring and oil seal wholesale industry, has made it easier than ever to locate the exact o-ring you are looking for. […]

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Video: How To Find O-Ring Size Charts

Have you spent time searching online for useful o-ring size charts? The best place to find all the o-ring size charts you need is on GlobalORing.com. Just click the resources link in the navigation to access the most comprehensive collection of size charts on the internet. […]

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Encapsulated O-Rings: What They Are and Where They’re Used

Encapsulated o-rings are specialty seals designed for use in applications where high temperature and corrosive conditions make the use of traditional elastomer o-rings infeasible. The o-rings are comprised of two parts: a rubber inner core, which provides compression and elasticity, and a thin outer jacket made from Teflon®, which gives the seal high corrosion resistance and thermal stability. They are [...]

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