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Video: How To Use Our O-Ring Quick Search Tool

How can you quickly locate the correct o-ring? Use the new Global O-Ring and Seal quick search tool. Global O-Ring And Seal, a leader in the o-ring and oil seal wholesale industry, has made it easier than ever to locate the exact o-ring you are looking for. […]

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Video: How To Find O-Ring Size Charts

Have you spent time searching online for useful o-ring size charts? The best place to find all the o-ring size charts you need is on GlobalORing.com. Just click the resources link in the navigation to access the most comprehensive collection of size charts on the internet. […]

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Encapsulated O-Rings: What They Are and Where They’re Used

Encapsulated o-rings are specialty seals designed for use in applications where high temperature and corrosive conditions make the use of traditional elastomer o-rings infeasible. The o-rings are comprised of two parts: a rubber inner core, which provides compression and elasticity, and a thin outer jacket made from Teflon®, which gives the seal high corrosion resistance and thermal stability. They are [...]

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Video: O-Ring Sizing Tools

For accurate o-ring sizing, use these tools which can all be purchased on the Global O-Ring and Seal website. Laminated O-Ring Size Chart – An easy to use flip chart showing silhouettes of 239 different sizes of O-Rings. Simply place the o-ring on the chart to match the correct size. O-Ring Sizing Cone – This O-Ring Cone measures 184 of [...]

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An Introduction to Metal Detectable O-Rings

Over time, exposure to extreme temperatures, continuous vibration, and corrosive clean-in-place (CIP) chemicals can cause o-rings in industrial processing operations to fail. When this occurs, fragments of rubber from seals and gaskets can shear off and migrate through sanitary systems to enter the product stream. In many processes, this issue requires little more than a short stoppage to replace the [...]

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What is An O-Ring?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an o-ring is a round gasket that can contain a circular cross section which is often made of pliable material (rubber, plastic, etc.) that is used to create a tight seal in connections for pipes, valves, tubes, inlets, outlets, and much more. O-rings are one of the most common industry-used seals in machine design. This [...]

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