Cord: Sizes & Compounds

Global O-Ring and Seal carries over 500 cord varieties with more than 1 million feet of cord in stock – in combinations of the profile, material, cross-section, durometer, and color. All of our cord is made in the USA and adheres to strict quality standards.

We offer cord cut to any length or by the spool. We also use our cord to produce vulcanized o-rings.


Cord Compounds

We offer many different compounds on cord stock and for use in making vulcanized o-rings. Visit our Compounds Page to see a list of all our standard compounds and their properties.

We can also provide custom extrusions in any shape, size, material, color, etc. If you need a special compound not covered by this list, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry Form with your requirements.

Cord Sizes

The table below lists the most common sizes (and tolerances according to the ARPM Class E2) in both inch and metric dimensions. For Viton® cord specifically, our factory tolerances exceed High Precision (E1) specifications, which allows us to provide High Precision (E1) tolerances.

Tighter tolerances can be supplied for other cord compounds, so please call 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry Form if you require further precision.

Inch MM Common Name Tolerance Low High

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