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O-Ring Installation Tool


Pressure Rolling O-Rings

  • Ergonomically designed to efficiently and safely install o-rings.
  • Reduces installation and maintenance time.
  • No more sore fingers or screwdrivers to install o-rings.
  • Made in the USA and patent pending.
  • Durable materials will not create additional particulates.

When replacing an o-ring, it is best to utilize a method that reduces maintenance downtime. Global O-Ring and Seal offers the o-ring installation tool made to install o-rings professionally with little time. The PRO Tool V is ergonomically designed to install o-rings quickly and safely.

Using the PRO Tool V eliminates the potential groove damage that may be caused by a screwdriver or any other tool not recommended for the installation of o-rings. Aching thumbs and fingers from press-fit installation are avoided with the PRO Tool V’s slick roller configuration. The roller portion of the device will not create particulates due to materials and pin design.