Video Tutorials

Global O-Ring and Seal’s video tutorials demonstrate how to use various features of our website. These tools enhance your buying experience by assisting in the selection process and providing a simple purchasing experience.

Navigating Global O-Ring’s Online Store

Discover how to effortlessly navigate and order from our online store. This tutorial ensures a seamless shopping experience, guiding you to the ideal o-rings and seals.

Vulcanized O-Ring Calculator Tutorial

Dive into our Vulcanized O-Ring Calculator with this tutorial. Learn how to precisely customize and order your seals, making the process straightforward and efficient.

Finding an Oil Seal Using the Size Chart

This tutorial demonstrates how to use our Oil Seal Size Chart, enabling quick identification of the size, styles available, and part numbers for efficient selection.

Finding an Oil Seal Substitution

This tutorial walks through various methods for finding oil seal substitutions, detailing how to quickly identify appropriate alternatives based on features and availability.

Chemical Compatibility Interactive Tool

Master our Chemical Compatibility Interactive Tool through this detailed tutorial. Find out how to compare o-ring materials with over 2,000 chemicals for optimal sealing solutions.

Training Videos

Training videos from Global O-Ring and Seal aim to empower our customers with knowledge and support, ensuring they can be confident through the selection and purchasing processes.

The AS568 Standard

This training video dives into the AS568 standard, covering its history, significance, sizes, and tolerance importance. Discover its benefits and potential future trends in sealing.

ASTM D2000 Standard

Explore the ASTM D2000 standard, its history, its influence on material consistency and performance, its impact on material selection, and how to decode the line callout.

Durometer Scale

This training video introduces durometer scales, compares Shore A and D scales, and explains the significance of o-ring hardness and how to measure it accurately.

Backup Rings

This training video explores the world of backup rings, covering their definition, type, materials, function, and importance. Learn how to select the right type for your application.

Cord Stock

Discover o-ring cord stock, including vulcanization, manufacturing, significance, and advantages. Learn about quality control, applications, and the future of cord stock.