O-Rings and Seals for the Automotive Industry


At Global O-Ring and Seal, we understand the critical role of o-rings and seal in the automotive industry. From containing vital fluids to ensuring optimal pressure management, our high-quality seals contribute to vehicles’ overall performance and longevity.

As an ISO 9001 certified distributor with a full range of AS568 standard sizes, our products are reliable and of the highest quality. Moreover, our seals are tailored to meet the stringent Part Production Approval Process (PPAP) requirements, ensuring consistent production to specific tolerances with defined process capability levels (Cpk). Our custom tooling capabilities provide the tightest tolerances to guarantee a perfect fit within any automobile component.

To foster transparency, we can supply all levels of PPAP documentation upon request, providing insights into customized tool usage and test reports showcasing the accuracy of our produced o-ring dimensions over time. This allows our automotive clients to trust in the consistency and quality of our products.

Solving Automotive Challenges with Our Seals

We offer a variety of seals and compounds designed to address the diverse sealing needs in the automotive industry. Our seals ensure optimal functionality and durability, whether it’s temperature resistance in high-performance engines, chemical resistance for transmission and braking systems, or sealing effectiveness under pressure.

Recommended Seals for Automotive Industry

Use Case Examples
AFLAS O-Rings Engineered for high-temperature environments High-temperature resistance, aggressive fluid resistance Turbochargers, EGR Systems, Oil Field Applications
Viton O-Rings Superior chemical resistance, perfect for exposure to fuels, lubricants Chemical resistance, fuel and lubricant compatibility Fuel Systems, Power Steering Systems, Transmissions
Nitrile O-Rings Excellent for general sealing applications, resistant to oils, fuels, some solvents Oil and fuel resistance, general-purpose sealing Fuel Systems, Oil-Filled Shock Absorbers, Hydraulic Systems
Silicone O-Rings Known for excellent high and low-temperature resistance High and low-temperature resistance, flexibility Coolant Systems, HVAC Systems, Electrical Insulation Seals
Oil Seals Oil seals are designed to keep oil in and contaminants out, safeguarding essential areas Oil containment, high and low-temperature operation Engine, Transmission, Differential

Trust Global O-Ring and Seal for Your Sealing Solutions

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