O-Rings for the Automotive Industry

In automobiles, o-rings are essential in keeping oils and fluids effectively contained. Without these essential rubber seals, leakage may occur and cause substantial issues within the vehicle. Global O-Ring and Seal provides a wide range of high-performing seals made for use within automobiles and automotive production.

Tailored in particular toward the Automotive Industry, the Part Production Approval Process (PPAP) ensures customer parts are repeatedly produced to specified tolerances with a defined process capability level (Cpk). Custom tooling is utilized to make certain the tightest tolerances are achieved so the component fits perfectly when placed within the vehicle.

PPAP documents provide transparency into the customized tool, including mold usage and test reports showing the accuracy of o-ring dimensions produced over time. Global O-Ring and Seal can supply o-rings that conform to PPAP as well as all levels of supporting documentation.

Common Seals Used for Automobiles

Recommended below are sealing products made for use in the Automotive Industry:

When searching for reliable o-rings and seals for automobiles, you can look no further than Global O-Ring and Seal for your sealing solutions. To place an order or request more information, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or fill out the Product Inquiry Form.

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