O-Rings for the Manufacturing Industry

Custom tooling, molding, extrusion, and the overall transformation of raw materials to a final product are the core of the Manufacturing Industry. When making a new product, o-rings are used to seal static and dynamic components of fabricating equipment, or within the final product itself.

In the fabrication process, the seals used may require the capability to withstand extreme pressures within hydraulic presses and/or high chemical resistance to caustic fluids in pumps. Additionally, motors contain rotating shafts that require the protection of rotary seals in order to continuously power the operating equipment.

Global O-Ring and Seal maintains a deep inventory of o-rings while supplying a wide variety of seals that are used within the Manufacturing Industry.

Common Seals Used in Fabrication

Recommended below are sealing products utilized by the Manufacturing Industry:

When searching for reliable o-rings and seals for fabrication and manufacturing, you can look no further than Global O-Ring and Seal for your sealing solutions. To place an order or request more information, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or fill out the Product Inquiry Form.

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