O-Rings and Seals for Oil and Gas Applications

The Oil & Gas Industry comprises three distinct stages – Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Each stage involves specific applications that necessitate different grades of o-rings and sealing products. Understanding these needs, Global O-Ring and Seal is your trusted source for comprehensive sealing solutions, offering products with a wide range of compounds suitable for every aspect of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Upstream encompasses drilling and extraction of crude oil and natural gas. Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) o-rings are particularly useful here, providing resistance against extrusion when rapidly releasing pressure. Midstream covers transporting and storing crude oil and natural gas before processing. Seal integrity is critical in this stage to prevent leaks and maintain pressure. Downstream involves refining and creating finished products such as automotive and jet fuels. High-quality, durable seals are required to withstand high temperatures and aggressive chemicals in this process.


Product Classification for Oil & Gas Industry

Global O-Ring and Seal is a full-line distributor of o-rings in multiple compounds and a trusted source of products made specifically for the Energy Sector and every aspect that may require a seal. Below are the different sealing products of the Oil & Gas Industry and why they’re suitable for Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream applications.

Nitrile O-Rings High resistance to oils and fuels makes them ideal for extraction environments. They are useful for transport and storage due to their excellent resilience. Heat and oil resistance makes them suitable for refining processes.
Viton O-Rings Exceptional resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. They are excellent for transport due to their resistance to swelling and degradation. Resistant to a wide array of chemical processes during refining.
Viton ETP O-Rings Advanced resistance to harsh chemical environments found in extraction. Resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals used in refining.
Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) O-Rings Specifically designed to withstand sudden changes in pressure. Can be subject to very high pressures during the refining process.
High-Visibility O-Rings Useful for equipment checks and maintenance in extraction processes.
FFKM O-Rings Withstands extreme temperatures and chemical exposure during extraction. Excellent sealing characteristics for transport and storage. Suitable for high temperatures and corrosive environments in refining.
Square Rings Ideal for static applications in extraction environments. Well-suited for sealing under low-pressure conditions during transport and storage. Perfect for static sealing applications in refining processes.
X-Rings Effective for dynamic sealing applications in extraction. Great for dynamic sealing applications in transport and storage. Excellent for dynamic and static sealing applications in refining.
Backup Rings Prevents o-ring extrusion in high-pressure extraction environments. Supports seals in transport and storage under varying pressure conditions. Adds extrusion resistance in high-pressure refining applications.
Cord Stock Versatile and customizable for diverse sealing needs in extraction. Custom-fit solutions for transport and storage applications. Ideal for bespoke applications in refining processes.
Oil Seals Seals shafts and housings in transport systems, preventing leaks. Prevents leakage of oil and chemicals during refining processes.
Loaded U-Cups Effective for sealing rod and piston assemblies in extraction machinery.
End Caps Protects against contaminants during transport and storage.
V-Rings Protects bearings in transport systems from dirt and water ingress. Seals axially acting surfaces in refining machinery.
Gamma Seals Useful for sealing containers during transport and storage. Suitable for sealing containers in refining processes.

When dealing with critical applications within the Oil & Gas Industry, you can look no further than Global O-Ring and Seal for your o-rings and related sealing solutions.

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