O-Rings and Seals for Oil and Gas Applications

Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream – Each of these production steps in the Oil & Gas Industry contain applications requiring certain grades of o-rings and sealing products.

Upstream refers to anything involved in the drilling and extraction of crude oil and natural gas, from the ground to the surface. Upstream applications sometimes call for Rapid Gas Decompression o-rings, which resist extrusion when pressure is released quickly. Midstream refers to anything involved in the transportation and storage of crude oil and natural gas prior to processing and refining. Downstream refers to anything involved in the refining and making of the finished product (automotive and jet fuels are a common example of this).

Seals for Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream

Global O-Ring and Seal is a full-line distributor of o-rings in multiple compounds and a trusted source for products made specifically for the Energy Sector and every aspect that may require a seal. Below are the different sealing products of the Oil & Gas Industry and whether they’re suitable for Upstream (U), Midstream (M), and Downstream (D) applications:

When dealing with critical applications within the Oil & Gas Industry, you can look no further than Global O-Ring and Seal for your o-rings and related sealing solutions.

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