Our Commitment to Better Selection


  • Global O-Ring and Seal offers an extensive inventory of seals and o-rings featuring various materials and sizes tailored to diverse industrial applications.
  • Beyond standard offerings, the company provides customization options and value-added services, fulfilling unique sealing needs quickly and precisely.
  • State-of-the-art inventory management, quick turnaround, and an intelligent replenishment strategy ensure reliable, timely solutions for standard and specialized sealing challenges.


The industrial landscape is ever-evolving, requiring sealing solutions that meet and exceed the diverse needs of multiple sectors. In this context, inventory is more than just a numbers game, it’s the foundation of our commitment to provide the right product at the right time. This blog delves into the breadth of options available at Global O-Ring and Seal, highlighting how the company is a comprehensive solution provider.

Inventory Depth: The Cornerstone of Our Commitment to You

At Global O-Ring and Seal, our inventory is not just about members; it’s about the precision of offering you the exact sealing solution you need when you need it.

Products by Material

The material of a seal or o-ring is critical to its performance. That’s why we offer a wide selection of materials to cater to a variety of applications:

Products by Application

Certain o-rings are engineered explicitly for distinct applications, ensuring optimal performance every time:

And several more options crafted to meet specialized needs.

Beyond O-Rings

While o-rings are a significant part of our inventory, we offer an array of additional sealing solutions:

And various types of rotary seals, hydraulic seals, and more, ensuring you’ll always find what you need for your specific application.

Standard and Metric Sizes: Flexibility for Global Solutions

In today’s evolving industrial environment, the complexity of machinery and the diversity of applications necessitate a broad spectrum of sizes. Offering both standard and metric sizes allows us to meet these multifaceted requirements, ensuring that customers do not compromise on performance for fit. This dual availability positions us as a versatile provider capable of addressing many sealing challenges.

AS568 Standard Sizes: An In-Depth Look

The AS568 standard transcends the notion of a mere list of sizes; it’s a meticulously designed standardization protocol that assures precision and interoperability across a broad spectrum of industrial applications. Governed by a unique dash-numbering system, each AS568 size (e.g., -001, -002) adheres to strict tolerances that specify dimensions, ensuring high consistency and performance. The specificity of these sizes is indispensable in high-stakes applications, whether in hydraulic systems, pneumatic controls, or chemical processing.

The AS568 standard has proven reliability and adherence to quality metrics, making it the preferred choice in industries that cannot afford even the slightest margin of error. The meticulous design and specification of AS568 o-rings allow for interchangeable use across different systems and applications, facilitating a seamless integration process for manufacturers and end-users.

At Global O-Ring and Seal, our inventory is comprehensive in its range of AS568 sizes. We are committed to providing timely and precise solutions that cater to an expansive range of industrial needs, no matter how general or specialized they may be. By Stocking an extensive selection of AS568 sizes, we are well-equipped to respond instantaneously to various sealing challenges, whether you are an industrial distributor or an end-user looking for specific, high-quality o-rings.

Metric Sizes: Expanding Versatility

Metric sizes are far more than just an alternative to AS568; they’re a manifestation of a globalized engineering framework that allows for precision, flexibility, and diversity in applications. Identified by specific inside diameter (ID) and cross-section (CS) measurements, metric o-rings adhere to a comprehensive system of tolerances and specifications, offering a level of customization invaluable in specialized applications.

Unlike standard sizes, metric dimensions allow engineers and procurement specialists greater latitude in designing seals for unique or space-constrained applications. The metric system’s granularity in size increments enables more tailored solutions, which is vital for industries where every millimeter counts.

At Global O-Ring and Seal, we maintain an exhaustive inventory of metric sizes, thereby substantiating our commitment to serving a global clientele with diverse needs. Our comprehensive range of metric o-rings ensures we can promptly deliver the exact sealing solution your project requires. By doing so, we can quickly and efficiently address common and specialized sealing challenges, irrespective of the industry or application.

JIS Sizes: Elevating Global Range

The Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) sizes offer more than just an alternative set of dimensions; they bring a level of standardization that is revered globally for its precision and quality. Each JIS size has rigorous specifications, including cross-section, inside diameter, and application.

JIS utilizes four primary series to delineate its range of o-rings. The “P” series is designed for dynamic or moving applications, while the “G” series is for static or fixed applications. Additionally, the “S” series encompasses special sizes that cater to unique industrial requirements, and the “V” series is for vacuum flange applications. This system allows for a precise selection of o-rings across various sectors and aligns well with our goal to provide universal solutions for many sealing challenges.

JIS o-rings are indispensable when dealing with Japanese-manufactured machinery or globally sourced projects that require conformity to multiple industrial standards. The high level of precision that JIS sizes offer is crucial in applications that require stringent quality control and dependable performance. By stocking a comprehensive selection of JIS sizes, we broaden our capability to meet diverse industrial demands, be it for specific projects that require adherence to JIS guidelines or applications where the quality and reliability associated with JIS standards are preferred.

The Vital Role of Size Variability

The impact of size in seals and o-rings extends beyond mere dimensions. It directly correlates with pressure resistance, material compatibility, and temperature endurance. Given this critical importance, Global O-Ring and Seal has invested heavily in offering various sizes. Our dedication to size variability ensures that we can precisely match sealing solutions to the distinct requirements of each application, thereby enhancing performance, functionality, and reliability.

With an inventory that features standard and metric sizes, we extend our reach into various industries. The sizes available enable seamless integration into pre-existing systems, reducing the need for expensive redesigns or modifications. Thus, our diverse sizing options facilitate immediate needs and offer long-term strategic advantages for businesses across various sectors.

Need for Customization

The need for custom solutions has never been more pressing in today’s fast-revolving industrial landscape. While standard sizes and materials can cater to a broad range of applications, some scenarios demand specialized o-rings. Whether it’s an unusual environmental condition, a unique assembly requirement, or a newly engineered application, customized sealing solutions ensure operation efficiency and long-term reliability.

By offering these customization options, Global O-Ring and Seal underlines its commitment to being a comprehensive solutions provider equipped with precision and expertise to meet the unique challenges of each industrial application.

Custom Molded and Vulcanized O-Rings

Recognizing the necessity for custom solutions, we offer custom molded and vulcanized o-rings to meet your specific needs. Custom molding allows for a high degree of flexibility in material selection, cross-sectional dimensions, and inside diameter, enabling us to cater to unique requirements. On the other hand, our vulcanized o-rings provide an answer for specialized sizes that are not readily available. Using in-house vulcanization technology allows us to create o-rings with dimensions tailored precisely to your application’s needs without compromising the seal’s quality or durability.

Value-Added Services

In addition to customized sizes and materials, we go the extra mile with a range of value-added services. These include custom kit assembly, private labeling, color-coded o-rings, and blind drop shipping. Our custom kit assembly service allows you to have a variety of o-rings, suitable for multiple applications, conveniently packed in one kit. Private labeling helps in brand consistency and eases product identification, while our color-coded o-rings eliminate errors when picking products from inventory, thereby improving operational efficiency. Blind drop shipping allows for the delivery of products directly to your customers without revealing the source, thus facilitating a seamless supply chain experience.

Speed and Availability

At Global O-Ring and Seal, we recognize that the complexities and urgencies inherent in industrial applications demand high-quality products and a reliable partner in your supply chain. That’s why we’ve developed a service model to meet your needs swiftly and efficiently. From quick turnaround times to advanced inventory management systems, we are committed to ensuring you get what you need when needed.

Quick Turnaround

Time is of the essence in any industrial application. Recognizing this, we have instituted a same-day shipping policy for regular orders placed before 4 p.m. This fast turnaround ensures you get the necessary parts right when needed, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

VLM and Order Fulfillment

Our state-of-the-art Vertical Lift Module (VLM) system underlines our commitment to speed and availability. This automated system revolutionizes the storage and retrieval of inventory parts, representing the pinnacle of supply chain efficiency. Our highest in-demand products are readily available to pick from the VLM, allowing our Operations team to fill orders, whether they’re shipping out the same day or for Will Call pick up.

Inventory Replenishment Strategy

We’ve implemented an intelligent inventory replenishment strategy to ensure we’re always stocked and ready to meet your needs. We evaluate our VLM system daily, and if a product falls below a predetermined volume threshold, it enters an automatic replenishing queue. We then refill it using our warehouse stock. If the warehouse stock falls below a volume threshold, we automatically place backfill orders with our vendors. This proactive approach guarantees consistent availability to meet high demand.

Will Call Availability

We offer a rapid Will Call service for those in immediate need or located nearby. We can quickly retrieve and prepare your order for in-person pick-up using our VLM system’s efficiency. We aim to minimize any waiting time and ensure you can continue your operations without delay.


In an industrial world that values specificity and versatility, a well-curated inventory is not just an asset but a necessity. From materials and applications to sizes and customization options, the depth of Global O-Ring and Seal’s stock meets various industrial needs. Coupled with an unwavering dedication to timely delivery, this ensures that whether the application is as common as water filtration or as specialized as aerospace, the right sealing solution is always within reach. Through state-of-the-art inventory management and a focus on customer-centric solutions, Global O-Ring and Seal is more than just a supplier—we’re a reliable partner in any sealing challenge. Contact us for more information or place an order using our online store.

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