The Power of Operations Knowledge at Global O-Ring and Seal

Every company has struggled with operations reporting. Common complaints include:

“I know the information is in our system, I just can’t get it out easily.”

“Different reports provide different versions of the truth.”

“Why can’t we easily modify a report to give us all that we need.”

Global O-Ring and Seal is a growing company that believes in our unlimited potential for continued growth in the future. It’s no secret that a crucial part of achieving our goals is knowing where things are going well and where there is a need for improvement. The best way to analyze this data is by running and reviewing operations reports. Many companies struggle with getting organized reports that give them the exact information they need. Global O-Ring is all about applying the right technology to achieve its operational goals.

Brian recently participated in a MITS User Conference and gave a testimony regarding this very issue. Previously, Global O-Ring had been relying on old and unorganized spreadsheets generated monthly to create operations reports. They were often very hard to understand and could be misleading at times. This is when Brian decided to reach out to a sales representative with Distribution One, the ERP software used by the company, to see what other options were out there. Distribution One recommended MITS, which is completely compatible with their own software.

Global O-Ring has been able to create all of their required operations reporting using MITS. The software is very user-friendly and can be accessed at any time. Executives are now able to meet with their sales team and vendors and have up to date accurate data. Being able to see where things are up and where they down have never been so easy to do. To hear Brian DeSpain speaking at the MITS conference, please watch the video below.

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