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  • Switching to 10X ERP has transformed our e-commerce by synchronizing real-time inventory data across all platforms, enhancing customer trust and operational transparency.
  • Integrating 10X ERP with our Vertical Lift Modules has significantly increased efficiency, reduced error rates, and optimized inventory and fulfillment processes.
  • Customized dashboards powered by 10X ERP provide our sales, warehouse, and shop teams with real-time data and insights, driving improvements in decision-making and productivity.


In today’s rapidly evolving industrial market, agility and accuracy in operations are paramount. At Global O-Ring and Seal, we understand that integrating cutting-edge technology into our processes is not just an option but a necessity to stay ahead. This discernment is why we have embraced 10X ERP, transforming our operational capabilities and setting new efficiency and customer service standards. By enhancing our e-commerce experience with real-time inventory data, optimizing our Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) utilization and inventory management processes, and improving daily decision-making through customized dashboards, 10X ERP has become the cornerstone of our operational strategy. This blog post delves into how this powerful tool has revolutionized several facets of our business, ensuring that we remain competitive and responsive to customer needs.

Powers our E-Commerce with Real-Time Inventory Information

In the dynamic world of industrial distribution, staying ahead means leveraging the best technology to manage complex inventory and customer demand efficiently. At Global O-Ring, integrating 10X ERP into our e-commerce operations has revolutionized inventory transparency. This powerful tool synchronizes our online sales channel with live inventory data, ensuring the most current stock information informs every customer interaction.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Updates: 10X ERP continuously updates inventory status throughout the day. Thanks to 10X’s ability to integrate seamlessly with our online shop, each item in our e-commerce platform shows current availability. This capability translates to accurate information online for our customers, preventing overselling and understocking issues that can harm customer trust.

Multi-Location Connectivity: Global O-Ring utilizes multiple warehouse facilities, including our main warehouse in Houston, Texas, and several offsite locations. 10X ERP tracks inventory across all these sites, displaying consolidated real-time data. This integration enables us to manage our stock more effectively by showing the quantity available and location, helping us decide the fastest shipping methods and manage supply chain logistics more efficiently.

Delivery Estimates: Enhanced by 10X ERP, our e-commerce platform can offer more accurate delivery estimates. By knowing the exact location and quantity of inventory, the system can calculate delivery dates based on logistics parameters and inventory location, providing our customers with reliable delivery dates before they finalize their purchase.

Transparency: Transparency is crucial in building and maintaining customer relationships. 10X helps us achieve this by giving customers detailed insights into inventory levels and logistics. This transparency ensures that our customers can make informed purchasing decisions, enhancing their buying experience.


Integrating 10X ERP with our e-commerce platform has significantly enhanced the customer experience by providing full access to real-time inventory levels and accurate delivery dates on our website. This transparency lets customers confidently make informed purchasing decisions, eliminating uncertainty and improving their overall satisfaction. By enabling customers to utilize the online data, we streamline the purchasing process and foster a greater sense of trust and reliability in our services, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Powers our Vertical Lift Modules to Improve Fulfillment Processes

At Global O-Ring and Seal, the efficiency of our fulfillment processes is crucial for ensuring timely and accurate product delivery to our customers. Our Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are central to these processes as they are advanced storage and retrieval systems that optimize space, utilization, and operational efficiency in our warehouse environments. Implementing VLMs has dramatically improved our ability to store, access, and manage inventory, accelerating response times and elevating order accuracy.

10X ERP is fully integrated with the VLM software to enhance these capabilities further, providing a robust inventory management solution. This seamless integration enables real-time tracking of inventory levels and updates records as orders are processed. By directly linking 10X with the VLM, we ensure that inventory data remains consistently accurate and reflects current warehouse activities. This dynamic interaction supports the optimal functioning of our VLMs, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness throughout our operations.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Error Reduction: Integrating 10X ERP with our VLMs has led to significant improvements in error reduction, streamlining order entry and item-picking processes. Automating data entry and retrieval processes has minimized human error, consistently maintaining accurate inventory levels. Our data shows a reduction in order entry errors by 16% and item picking errors by 20%, highlighting the precision added through our ERP system.

Process Improvements: Implementing 10X ERP has dramatically streamlined the process of moving inventory from overflow locations to the VLMs. This enhanced process with the ERP system allows for quicker adjustments of inventory levels with far fewer steps and simplifies the task of relocating inventory. This efficiency also extends to our restocking procedures, where the ERP’s advanced capabilities enable us to prioritize restocking based on item stratification. Restocking high-demand items is faster and more accurate, ensuring that our inventory matches customer demand more closely. The shift to 10X ERP has also improved our reporting processes, reducing the time required to determine necessary restock items by 80%, thanks to efficient data handling and processing.

Utilization Increase: Upgrading to 10X ERP has markedly enhanced the utilization of our VLMs. Since implementing the new system, VLM utilization rates have increased from an average of 75.2% to 82.0%. This improvement underscores a more effective use of our warehouse space and resources, driven by more streamlined processes for moving items and enhanced reporting capabilities. The ability to prioritize and restock high-demand items more efficiently ensures that our VLMs are used more consistently and effectively, reflecting better overall operational productivity and resource management.

Case Study

Our transition to integrating 10X ERP with VLMs showcased significant operational improvements. After making the transition, we pulled 56,107 lines from the VLMs, an increase of 3,815 lines or 6.8% compared to previous quarters. The improved process efficiency is evident in our reduced line pulling time—from four minutes per line from overflow areas to just one minute per line from the VLM—saving us a total of 190.75 hours over the quarter, underscoring the tangible benefits of our technological advancements and highlighting substantial gains in efficiency and productivity.

Powers Dashboards Used by Our Team to Provide Critical Action Plans

At Global O-Ring and Seal, the strategic use of customized dashboards has transformed our approach to managing operations across various departments. These dashboards, powered by and accessed through our 10X ERP system, focus on providing real-time data and actionable insights crucial for daily operations and decision-making. Centralizing key metrics and performance indicators enables our teams to access and analyze the information they need swiftly and efficiently. This real-time visibility into operations allows quick responses to market conditions and internal demands, ensuring our business remains agile and responsive.

The functionality of these dashboards is explicitly tailored to the needs of each department, incorporating features that enhance operational tracking and decision-making. Through extensive customization, each dashboard presents the most relevant information to users, whether they are sales representatives, warehouse staff, or on the shop floor. Sorting and filtering capabilities allow employees to easily navigate vast amounts of data, focusing on what is most important for their specific roles and objectives. This level of customization and functionality ensures that every team can operate at its peak efficiency, with data-driven insights guiding their daily activities.

Departmental Enhancements

Sales: For our sales team, dashboards provide comprehensive tools for tracking orders in real time, managing customer relationships, and overseeing sales processes from initiation to closure. These dashboards allow sales representatives to monitor the stages of each order, identify potential delays, and ensure timely communication with clients. The ability to track performance against sales targets and view historical data also supports strategic planning and proactive sales management.

Warehouse: Dashboards are crucial for managing the warehouse’s daily logistics and order fulfillment processes. Staff can see updates on order statuses, track shipments, and review workload distribution to optimize operations. The dashboards also help identify consolidating orders going to the same destination, reducing shipping costs and improving delivery times. By providing a clear view of daily operations, these tools allow our warehouse teams to maintain high levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Shop: On the shop floor, the customized dashboard is essential for effectively managing production and enhancing workflow efficiency. It provides a clear display of the items the shop is responsible for, such as cord stock and vulcanized o-rings, alongside the current status and completion dates of these orders. This focused insight allows floor managers and workers to prioritize tasks based on urgency and logistical requirements, facilitating better alignment with production schedules and delivery timelines. The dashboard’s real-time updates ensure that the shop floor operations are always informed, helping to maintain high levels of operational efficiency and output quality.

Benefits Realized

Implementing customized dashboards across sales, warehouse, and shop floor departments has significantly enhanced operational transparency and efficiency at Global O-Ring and Seal. These tools have empowered our teams to perform their roles confidently and precisely, backed by accurate, timely, and relevant data. The overall impact is a more cohesive, responsive, and productive operation, driving continuous improvement and customer satisfaction in our business processes.


Integrating 10X ERP across our operations at Global O-Ring and Seal has improved our internal workflows and significantly enhanced the customer experience. By providing real-time data and actionable insights, we have streamlined our processes, reduced errors, and maximized resource utilization—each contributing to a robust and dynamic operational framework. As we continue to leverage the capabilities of 10X ERP, we are set on a path of continuous improvement where efficiency and customer satisfaction drive our success. The resulting outcomes of this transition are testaments to our commitment to embracing technology that supports our goals and enhances our competitive edge in the industrial distribution sector. With each step forward, we reinforce our dedication to delivering excellence and reliability to our customers and stakeholders.

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