Food-Grade O-Rings for the Food & Beverage Industry

In the Food Processing Industry, every phase involved in converting raw goods into finished, consumable products uses a diverse array of machinery. Fermenting, pasteurizing, bottling, canning, and more are involved in farm-to-table operations. Such systems require o-rings capable of withstanding rigorous chemical environments and temperature extremes from ice-cold refrigeration to the heat of scalding steam.

Processes may also require o-rings to be food-grade, non-toxic, and, in some cases, have the ability to be identified by x-rays and metal detectors. Specific to the Dairy Industry, we offer o-rings that are approved to 3-A Sanitary Standards.

Test-Certified O-Ring Compounds

FDA-Grade o-rings pass the Code of Federal Regulations, specifically CFR21.177.2600, covering rubber parts coming into contact with liquids, dry foods, and fatty foods. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does not certify materials but instead publishes guidelines specifying ingredients that can be used in o-rings which may come in contact with food.

NSF 61 o-rings are approved to be used in the process of water transmission and treatment. Established by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the NSF Standard 61 requires certain contaminants to be absent from any o-ring material that may come into contact with potable water.

3-A Sanitary Standard o-rings adhere to 3-A Sanitary Standards, which were established by the United States food and dairy industries to enact policies regarding the production and use of sanitary equipment. The 3-A Standard 18-03 specifically approves the o-ring materials that may come in contact with dairy equipment surfaces and dairy cleaning products.

Common Seals Used for Food & Beverage Production

Recommended below are sealing products made for use in the Food & Beverage Industry:

When searching for food-grade o-rings, you can look no further than Global O-Ring and Seal for your food-safe sealing solutions. To place an order or request more information, please give us a call at 832-448-5550 or fill out the Product Inquiry Form.

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