EMI O-Rings for Industrial Automation

Globally, the market for industrial automation is seeing double digit annual growth rates. With business operations increasing its reliance on robotics, EMI (electromagnetic interference) is a growing problem on today’s factory floors. Arc welders, live wires, generators, and just about any device or machine generating radio frequency (RF) signals emit this electronic noise. This noise (also known as crosstalk) interferes with the communications that factories rely on.

Sensors for Internet of Things (IoT), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and augmented reality (AR) headsets are just a few automation-related technologies that are at risk for EMI. Proper plant design can limit the effects of EMI, however, EMI shielding provides an additional layer of protection to ensure automation products can operate uninterrupted.

EMI O-Rings and Shielding Silicones

EMI o-rings serve two critical needs in industrial environments:

  • EMI shielding
  • Protecting valuable equipment from moisture, dust, and machine oils

EMI o-rings and gaskets are made of conductive silicones to effectively seal and combine electrical conductivity with specific levels of EMI shielding. To request more information on EMI o-rings for industrial automation, go to our EMI O-Rings Page and submit the Product Inquiry Form, or call our Sales Team directly at 832-448-5550.

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