HNBR Supply Chain Tightening

Global availability of HNBR, and subsequently HNBR o-rings, has been greatly challenged throughout 2021 due to the closure of a major production facility, which stopped production in the wake of a natural disaster. This, coupled with significant demand growth, is further tightening the market for this synthetic rubber.

The global market for HNBR is primarily driven by the increased demand of major end-use industries such as automotive, oil & gas, construction, and machinery. The automotive industry is the largest consumer of HNBR for dynamic and static hoses, seals, gaskets, and belts. Due to strict emission regulations throughout the world, the use for high-performance lightweight materials has grown tremendously along with the demand for HNBR in the automotive industry.

Global O-Ring and Seal is proactively working to ensure we have secure inventory of HNBR for our customers now and in the future. We will continue to manage all aspects of the supply chain to keep our supply of HNBR o-rings readily available. As potential alternatives, we maintain stock in Viton® and EPDM. To evaluate which o-ring materials are suitable for your application, check out our Chemical Compatibility Interactive Tool.

To request more information on HNBR o-rings, go to our HNBR O-Rings Page and submit the Product Inquiry Form, or call our Sales Team directly at 832-448-5550.

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