HNBR O-Ring Expansion

Our customers are seeing an increasing demand for HNBR o-rings, especially in cold weather climates. To accommodate this demand, we have expanded our inventory of 80 durometer HNBR o-rings. HNBR o-rings have a broad temperature range (-40ºF to +302ºF), superior chemical resistance, and are often used in the oil & gas and automotive industries. For a more detailed look of our HNBR 80 durometer material, you can view the spec sheet here.

HNBR O-Ring ExpansionHNBR80 o-rings are available to order online. We stock the most common sizes, but if you don’t see your exact size in stock, please give us a call at (832) 448-5550, and we can get it to you as soon as possible. In addition to offering HNBR80, we stock RGD-resistant HNBR o-rings, as well as a variety of 70 and 90 durometer HNBR o-rings in black and green.

To see our full line, view our HNBR inventory online!

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