True Stories Of Customer Success

When time is of the essence, does it seem the universe works against you? Equipment failures don’t conveniently occur during business hours midweek, and unpredictable demand spikes can hurt when you don’t have the resources to meet them. Global O-Ring and Seal strives to not only have the right product at the right time, but to also provide a level of service unmatched in the industry.

Below, are examples that demonstrate our goal to exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.

Will Call Service

“I wanted to thank you for how kind you are and thank you for your help, the machine is ready, have a great day!”

This text message came from a customer who was in urgent need of an o-ring. The issue occurred at the end of the day, but could not wait until the next morning. With their equipment out of commission, extensive downtime would have cost their company thousands of dollars. As our customers often use our products in their production systems, we understand that these situations do happen. Proactively, we have adopted processes that allow us to address them.

That being stated, the time between Will Call receiving the request and having the order in the customer’s hands was ONE HOUR. Pictured, is our o-ring on their newly fixed equipment.

After-Hours Service: 365 Days a Year

We offer after-hours service 365 days a year to ensure our customers’ operations remain functional. Although the majority of customers using this service reside in the Gulf Coast region, we have expanded our relationships with carriers to service the world.

Recently, a customer contacted us just before midnight on a Friday. They needed operation-critical o-rings to be shipped internationally ASAP. The order was fulfilled with an international carrier by Saturday morning. We followed up with the customer on Monday to ensure the product arrived as promised. Our on-call team consists of dedicated employees who will drop what they’re doing and address critical customer needs.

Vulcanized O-Rings

Never does it seem that an o-ring will fail during the middle of the day; it is either very late in the day or overnight. Some of the largest, most expensive equipment used by our customers require custom-sized, replacement o-rings. In these situations, we are able to cut and vulcanize o-rings in over 500 combinations of compound, durometer, and cross-section.

Vulcanized o-ring orders typically take about two hours to complete from start to finish. On a recent order taken after 4 p.m., we completed the vulcanized o-rings as quickly as possible. Furthermore, a shop member took the shipment after hours to an overnight carrier so it would arrive at the customer’s door early next morning.

Custom Kitting

Creating custom seal kits is one of many services we pride ourselves on delivering. These don’t normally fall under the umbrella of products we sell to address emergencies, but instances of urgency have occurred more than once. We received an order for 1,150 customized o-ring kits, of which 150 were needed immediately. The 150 kits were designed, assembled, and shipped less than 48 hours after receiving the order. The remaining 1,000 kits all left our dock within the week.

With our custom kits, we create a layout with labeling so the individual o-rings can easily be identified. In a recent example, the customer wanted an exact silhouette of each o-ring in their respective compartment. The creation and approval of the design were completed within a day, which allowed us to build and ship the kits within a week of receiving the request.

When You’re Looking for a Partner, Look to Global O-Ring and Seal

Going above and beyond is our status quo. In being more than an o-ring and seal supplier, we are equipped with a team whose passion is to provide excellent customer service, translating to your success as a customer. Whether your matter is urgent or not, we’re here to help. Feel free to give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit a contact form.

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