Out Of This World Customer Service

Do you ever feel like your requests get lost in space? Or that you’re kept in the loop once in a blue moon? With Global O-Ring and Seal, you don’t need a telescope to see how we go above and beyond to get customers what they need. Here are the many ways we give your business the star treatment:


Whether it’s finding product information or placing an order, we want to make it EASY and fit to your process. Ordering can be done via phone, email, or the web! Whichever your preference, works for us.


We have resources available to make your experience with us as seamless as possible. Our Interactive Size Charts are useful in matching specific dimensions to their reference number. Our latest web feature is the Vulcanized O-Ring Calculator, which shows dimensions, tolerances, cord availability, lead time, and an automatic quote for custom-made o-rings.

Our Will Call concierge service allows for call-ahead order pickup for our Houston area customers. Did you forget an item on your order? You can add-on while you’re here! If you have an o-ring you need sized, we can measure the part, and even set up an order for that exact piece. After Hours Emergency Services are offered to customers needing parts in time-constrained situations outside regular business hours. Our team is even available weekends and holidays.


When striving for perfection, attention to detail is at the forefront when taking care of customers. 99.61% of our shipments last month were accurate as ordered. Our order accuracy rate has remained over 99% every month for the last three years.


Our Industry Experts are ready to get you the right information, FAST! Inquiries are responded to within 1 business day – if not quicker. The Chat Icon on the bottom right is available during business hours and connects you directly with an experienced sales professional. Phone calls are answered at another level of fast. The average time between calling Sales and being connected with someone on our team is only 10 SECONDS.


We can offer o-rings and seals in any size, color, durometer, and material. Even then, Global O-Ring and Seal is more than what our name states. In addition to having over 50 million o-rings and 10,000+ SKUs worth of sealing products, we stock over 1 million feet of cord, which we can ship or Vulcanize in our onsite shop. Beyond o-rings, we offer customized solutions for your business, including blind drop shipping, specialized kits, private labeling (including logo, barcodes, etc.), and more!


Data transparency is how we set ourselves apart from the rest. Online, you have the ability to look up inventory on-hand, in-transit, and at the factory in real time. Furthermore, precise shipping dates are displayed with the option to expedite if needed sooner. Ordering in bulk? Prices are broken down by quantity.

The Center of Our Universe

These astronomical aspects of customer service come full circle to the center of our universe: YOU. Our mission is not stocking over 50 million o-rings and 10,000+ SKUs. It’s the excellent level of service we are able to provide to you, our customer.

If you have an item you’d like more information on, call 832-448-5550 or submit a contact form to see our stellar service in action!

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