Get To Know Brian & Adam

There are many elements at play when it comes to exceeding customer expectations. One of which, is developing a team of professionals and equipping them with the skills to successfully run a company in the modern world.

Meet our President, Brian DeSpain, and Vice President of Operations, Adam Earnhardt. The two connected while attending the Professional MBA program at Texas A&M University. At the time, Brian was preparing to take over as President for Global O-Ring, the company his parents had started a decade ago and from which they were ready to retire. Adam was transitioning into the civilian world, after serving in the United States Army as a Section Sergeant in charge of Satellite Communications Operators. He was looking to prepare for the next stage of his career when he was accepted at Texas A&M University.

During the 2nd half of the 2-year program, Brian and Adam were assigned to the same team for completing group projects. It was there they started working closer together and appreciating each other’s talents. Towards the end of the program, Brian worked on a capstone project centered around Global O-Ring and Seal’s operations and implementing new automated equipment in the warehouse to improve picking accuracy and efficiency. Adam was intrigued by this and the two started talking more.

After completing their MBA program together, Brian offered Adam a leadership role at Global O-Ring and Seal, working directly with the warehouse automation evaluated during the capstone project.

Today, Brian and Adam continue tackling obstacles and innovating solutions as part of the Global O-Ring and Seal Executive Team. This video was produced by the Mays Business School to highlight some aspects of the Mays MBA program and the journey these two students experienced during and after the program.

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