Premiering New Web Features

Global O-Ring and Seal presents Available To Promise.

As an upgrade to your online user experience, Global O-Ring and Seal’s Available To Promise is giving you increased control and visibility over your order.

Available To Promise is a new web feature allowing for 24/7 live inventory lookup, whether it’s in stock, inbound, or at the factory. Additionally, customers can order more than what is currently on hand and expedite backorder shipping.

If you order more than what’s in stock, we ship everything we currently have and the rest of the order as promised! Cart items will be split by what’s available and what’s on backorder. If you need backorder items sooner than the Expected Ship Date – Expedite! By checking the box, you’ll see the rest of your order pushed forward as we will expedite the shipping of factory stock. Below, is a 2-minute video showing all these functions in action as a full product lookup and checkout process.

With Available To Promise, we empower our customers with added visibility and control over their order. Know where your order is and when it’s shipping, with the ability to expedite. View our Online Store, choose your product, and see what the Available To Promise feature can do for you!

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