Genuine DuPont™ Viton® spun off to Chemours

Global O-Ring has long been a proud supplier of Genuine DuPont™ Viton® o-rings, o-ring cord, and custom molded rubber products. As you may have noticed, there have been some recent changes to the Viton® program. So what does this mean for current and future users of this material? We’ll cover it all here.

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Genuine Viton® Spinoff to Chemours

In July of 2015, the Chemours Company spun off from Dupont™ as an independent corporation. They are now an international chemical company that leads in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and many other chemical solutions. Prior to this spin-off, genuine Viton® was made by DuPont™. However, with the emergence of Chemours, many of its chemical solutions went under the Chemour’s umbrella in addition to Viton® such as:

• Krytox®
• Nafion®
• Opteon®
• Teflon®
• Ti-Pure®

What is Genuine Viton®?

Viton® is a type of FKM fluoroelastomer that meets ASTM standards and covers about 80% of this type of rubber. However, Viton® has become such a leading name in FKM, our customers will often ask for it by brand name. Viton® is basically to FKM o-rings what Kleenex is to tissues.

How Does This Affect Viton® O-Rings?

The important thing to remember is that the GENUINE VITON® MATERIAL HAS NOT CHANGED. The Viton® you purchased several years ago is the same Viton® we offer today. It is still called Viton®, but instead of DuPont™ Viton® it’s now Chemours Viton® or sometimes just Genuine Viton®. The material still has the same quality and consistency standards that it had under the DuPont™ name.

More on Chemours

The Chemours Company is fast becoming a leader in fluoroproducts and chemical solutions for a wide range of industries. Their ingredients are found in many plastics and more. Chemours employs 9,000 across 37 manufacturing sites and has over than 5,000 customers.

More on DuPont™

Founded in 1802 as gunpowder mill, DuPont™ has grown into the world’s fourth largest chemical company and is a leader in plastics and beyond. It employs 52,000 people in 90 countries and had an operating income of $2.3 billion in 2015.

Genuine Viton® O-Rings at Global O-Ring and Seal

What is relevant to us is the quality of our Viton® o-rings, which is why we are a Genuine Viton® licensee. “We have always preferred the Viton® brand of FKM since we opened for business in 2008 due to the premium quality, consistency, and reputation of the product. We are committed to stocking primarily Genuine Viton® o-rings and o-ring cord, and that has not changed with the Chemours spin-off.” says General Manager Brian DeSpain.

If you are wondering if genuine Viton® o-rings are right for your project, contact us to find out more.

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