Global O-Ring Introduces New Logo

Global O-Ring and Seal has achieved a great deal of success since we opened our doors eight years ago. By providing you with quality, cost effective o-rings, oil seals, and other sealing products, combined with a purchasing experience that seeks to surpass expectations, you responded and helped us grow our business. A BIG “thank you” to all our customers!

Like many companies in the industrial space, building our infrastructure, developing the right team, and servicing customers was our first priority, so marketing often took a back seat. However, it became increasingly clear that if we wanted to positively evolve as an organization, we needed to define who we are as a company and the unique value we offer. This meant moving marketing to the front seat and taking our branding efforts to the next level. As part of that initiative, we are excited to introduce a new logo and tagline that aims to align our image with our brand identity.

global oring logoThe previous GOR logo was too complex and looked outdated. In designing the new logo, we had several goals:

  • Simplify
  • Refresh
  • Modernize
  • Excite


newlogokoedit1-2We believe we accomplished those goals, and are proud of the final design. Now we are in the process of translating the design to all our corporate identity pieces, from stationary, to our website, to social media pages.

The new tagline that accompanies the logo exemplifies the Global O-Ring competitive differentiation: “All-Around Better”. We will use the tagline as a springboard to explain the various ways in which Global O-Ring IS the better choice, from the highest quality products to unsurpassed customer service. Our mission is to be “better” in the areas that count so that we provide a more positive purchasing experience and help our customers work more efficiently.

The new logo, tagline, and other rebranding efforts are meant to convey that Global O-Ring is:

  • All-around best” at customer service
  • Committed to quality and accuracy in all we do
  • An experienced, knowledgeable advisor to our customers
  • Investing in people, systems, and technology in order to better serve our customers
  • A company that practices honesty, integrity, and helpfulness in all of our communications, decisions, and actions

presentation-newlogokoedit1-2The new logo was created solely at the management level, so we recently held an event to present it to our whole team. We made the event special with balloons featuring the new brand colors, a cake featuring the new logo, and a fun presentation that ended with the reveal of the new logo. Management discussed the new campaign, gave out t-shirts featuring the new logo, and catered a special lunch with a taco bar.

presentation-newlogokoedit1-2We always want to be progressive in our industry and adapt to change. Continuing to do things the same way because it’s comfortable is not who are as a company. We’re always open to growth, improvement, and propositions that elevate our business and add value for our customers.

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To learn more about how Global O-Ring is “All-Around Better” in experience, service, quality, selection, and value, contact us today to speak with one of our technical sales associates, request a quote, or place an order online from our extensive inventory.

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