What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Quick. Accuracy. Responsive. Knowledgeable. Service. 

These were the most common words customers used when surveyed about their experience with Global O-Ring and Seal. Our standard is to go above and beyond in delivering the best value to our customers, and our objective was to understand this: What is our customers’ perspective?

Fully prompted to be as transparent as possible, here’s what our customers responded with.

87.8% Rated Us 5 Stars in Overall Satisfaction

  • Overall Satisfaction: Our customers rated us on a 5-Star scale in categories related to our service and their experience. 87.8% rated us 5 Stars in Overall Satisfaction.
  • Product Quality: One huge aspect of customer satisfaction is delivering quality products that do their job as intended. When polled about our product quality, 86.7% of customers gave us a rating of 5 Stars.
  • Turnaround Time: It is pertinent that the window of time between an order’s placement and delivery to the customer is as short as possible. We understand timeliness is crucial, with 98% of orders received going out on the customers’ desired ship date. Additionally, over 75% of our shipments going out the same day they’re ordered. From the customers’ perspective, 85.6% gave us 5 Stars in our ability to process and deliver orders in their required timeframe.
  • Order Accuracy: It is one thing to be quick, but it’s another to maintain accuracy. In fact, less than 1% of orders shipped have any issues – and our customers can vouch for it. 90% gave us 5 Stars for our ability to fill shipments exactly as ordered.
  • Complaint Resolution: If there is ever an issue, we strive to make it right. 90% of customers gave us 5 Stars for our ability to resolve complaints.
  • Product Knowledge: Our highest reception of 5 Stars (91.1%) was in the area of Product Knowledge, which isn’t too surprising considering our sales team has an average 15 years of experience selling o-rings and seals.

What Do You Have to Say?

We welcome you to put us to the test for your next quote or order. Calls to our sales team are answered in less than 10 seconds on average and business inquiries are typically responded to within a couple of hours. Give us a call at 832-448-5550 or submit a contact form and we’ll demonstrate our commitment to being All-Around Better!

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